CSD7 Servo Drive (EtherCAT Network type) User Manual Catalog Number(s): CSD7_**BN(F)1 Important User Information Solid state equipment has. CSD7 series servo drive have a various power range such as from W to 5KW. The CSD5 is a universal, stand-alone servo drive that can be used. CSD5 is a stand-alone type Servo Drive to use general purpose for overall factory The added features of CSD5 such as linear motor control solution and.

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There are some important differences between solid state equipment and hard-wired electromechanical devices. Because of this difference, and also because of the wide variety of uses for solid state equipment, all persons responsible for applying this equipment must satisfy themselves that each intended application of this equipment is acceptable.

Cs5d no event will RS Automation Co. The examples and diagrams in this manual are included solely for illustrative purposes. Because of the many variables and requirements associated with any particular installation, RS Automation Co.

No patent liability is assumed by RS Automation Co. Reproduction of the contents of this manual, in whole or in part, without written permission of RS Automation Co. Throughout this manual, when necessary, we use notes to make you aware of safety considerations. WARNING Identifies information about practices or circumstances which may lead to serious personal injury or death, properity damage, or economic loss.

Idnetifies information about proctives or circumstances that can lead to minor personal injury, properity vsd5, ecconomic loss, or product malfuntion. However, depending on the situraiton, failutre to follow the directions accompanying this symbol may also lead to serious consequences.

CSD5 Servo Drive User Manual |

If you do not have a basic understanding of the CSD5 servo drive, contact your local RS Automation sales representative before using this product, for information on available training courses. Additional Resources The following documents contain additional information concerning related Serv servo drive products. Bulleted lists such as this one provide information, not procedural steps Numbered lists provide sequential steps or hierarchical information 1 CSD5 Servo Drive. The parameter must be set from cs5 digit in black color and the initial value shows the initial value of the parameter.

It is classified into a parameter selected among already set values selected parameter and a parameter, which the users give appropriate value. The selected parameter, as shown in the example above, displays both parameter and setting window, and the latter parameter displays only the parameter and not eh setting window. Initial Value displayed when the parameter is selected. Servo Drive or Drive: Refer to the servo motor exclusively for the CSD5 drive. Refers to a controller or a device that gives command to the drive and controls it.

Refer to the value set at the factory before the shipment. Refers to the initial value or the value changed and set by the users. Simply indicated as manual. Notation Description Within the sentences of this manual, the following is expressed as shown below. Be fully aware of them when using the servo drive. A figure box with both the top corners cut off diagonally represents a circuit diagram.


The following shows the symbols used on the circuit diagram. Signal Description 1 2 A B 1 2 The figure represents the pin number of the connector, which can be marked with alphabets tather than the numbers. The following figure shows a symbol used to show a twist pair wires to prevent the noise generation. Signal Figure Description P The the wires where this symbol is located for the noise prevention.

The following figure shows a symbol used to show a shield serv wire to prevent the noise generation. Descripbes things to know before using the product. Describes the outline of product and marking.

Describes precations upon product installation. Describes wiring with the host controller and peripheral equipment. Describes the operator for various settings. Describes brief functions of the product. Describes the basic settings that users should set. Describes the fucntion of the product for vsd5 control modes.

Describes the tuning to implement optimum performance of load system. Cs5d simple supplementary functions. Describes the protective function, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Describes items corresponding to various numerical data in the Appendix. Others Each chapter or paragraph has a page called before you begin before description. For easier understanding of this manual, be fully aware of the contents of this page called before you begin in advance.

Safety marks deals with the important cad5. If the following marks and contents of each mark are indicated in the contents of this user’s manual, you must be fully aware of them and follow them.

Make sure that the servo drive and the motor are fully grounded. Completely discharged before handling after power off. Do not put excessive stress on the motor power and encoder cable. Never touch the revolving part of the motor during operation. Operate the system with no load during pilot operation. Never touch the heat sink directly. Keep the product scd5 of the direct rays of the sun and store it within the storage temperature and humidity ranges. Avoid overloading if the product is stored in a warehouse.

Refer to the Chapter 2 Be careful not to wiring cables around the heat sink. Pay attention to the heat sink when wiring. Any damage caused after the user disassembles or remodels the product will be excluded from the company’s warranty. The company bears no responsibility for injuries or physical damage caused by remodeling of this product. Life-limited Parts by mechanical friction or heat requires regular.

CSD5 Servo Drive User Manual

Refer to the Chapter 8. In case of a failure that cannot be dealt with, please contact the company s technical support team or after-sales service center. Product Type and Each Part Name The following figure introduces the name of each part of the servo drive.

The nameplate is attached on the side of the drive case. Check the model name on the nameplate, and check if it corresponds to the product ordered. The serial number is included on the nameplate. Be careful not to erase the serial number during the use. A motor without a brake does not have a brake cable. The name of each motor part may differ from the following figure according to the motor type. Refer to the appendix for numerical data on the drive, motor, and various peripheral equipments necessary for the installation.


CSD5 Servo Drive. User Manual. Catalog Number(s): CSD5_xxBX1

Servo Drive Installation Precautions Refer to the following figures when installing the servo drive. The most important thing to consider when installing the drive is the ambient temperature.

Follow the operational segvo and mount the servo drive vertically. Install the Servo Drive Vertically Servo drive less than [W] applies the natural convective cooling, and the servo drive with more than 0.

To increase the cooling efficiency, install it vertically. When installing several drives, you must the following criteria. Install a cooling fan to prevent excessive temperature increase. Ground There is a grounding terminal at the bottom of the heat sink. Install a separate cooling device at a place with high ambient temperature and use it within the operational temperature. Before You Begin Pay attention to the following precautions when wiring.

High voltage remains in the drive even through the power is off. Therefore, do not inspect components unless inside Charge lamp is off. Pay attention to the polarity when wiring. The heat sink of the drive generates high heat. Be fully aware of the names of each terminal when reading this user s manual. The description of other connectors and omitted. Electric Circuit Name and Function The terminal symbol is printed on the wiring socket at the electric circuit terminal of the drive.

Observe the drive to identify and understand the terminals on the following table, and then wire accordingly. B1, B2 [W] or lower As the function for regenerative energy consumption is not required, the regenerative resistor does not have to be mounted. Therefore, the user can configure surrounding circuits when the main power is cut off in an emergency or when the drive itself checks the status and cuts off the power.

If the drive independently checks the status and only the main power is cut off, but not the control power, the drive can display the cause of cut-off of the main power. The user can take appropriate action after identifying the cause of cut-off of the main power. Do not connect the input power. It may cause of the drive damage. It may cause an electric shock. Thus, do not use the terminal L3. Connect only one wire at wire inlet of the socket.

If the wire is pulled accidentally with an excessive force, rewire it properly.