ComponentArt Data Visualization for Silverlight is suite of controls for digital dashboards and development of data analysis applications. Hi, I am working on bar chart items where I want to click on bar item to drill down to the target. The objects recognised by test complete is. Ewav/Ewav/Assemblies/sualization. Ewav/Ewav/Assemblies/

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Please leave a commentask a question and consider subscribing to the latest posts via RSS or email. Exporf you for visiting! Below is a list of entries related to the tag listed above. Wow, what a week. Xilverlight have to say even as employees of Microsoft, we get surprised when we go to our conferences and see some of the bigger announcements. This past week at the Build conference was an example of that for me. Lots of good stuff for developers from client to server!

This tool basically looks at any existing. NET assembly and gives you a report to help you see where the APIs used are supported in the various. A long while back I had written a quick sample when Silverlight introduced drag-and-drop into the framework. Then I decided to show dragging MP3 files into a Silverlight app and reading the metadata and album art.

for Silverlight from ComponentArt

In order to accomplish this I had to read into the ID3 data from a Silverlight library. I found a few libraries but settled on TagLib to do the job. I had to modify it a bit to get it working in Silverlight as the. Recently a surge of people have been emailing me for the code. One of the features introduced with Silverlight 4 was the out-of-browser feature, enabling you to create an application that can be installed, run offline, automatically updated, etc.

As a part of that feature, some of the major silveelight signing certificate vendors for Authenticode certs provided our team with test certificates so that we could go through the same process as a developer would to acquire the cert and apply it to an app…and, of course, validate it works.

During that time some of those vendors had promotional codes for the first year for Silverlight developers, providing reduced-rate but not Silverlight 5 is finally released! Expport to the team for getting through some of the toughest parts of finishing a product and validating with customers.

As with previous preview releases, this is a developer-focused release, which means no production releases, no go-live license, etc.

This is made available for you to test your apps, upgrade to get latest features and to deal with the changes from beta to RC.

The beta was a great release and preview of what the team had introduced as new features. In fact it is almost exactly a year ago when Silverlight 4 was released. The team has been working very hard to deliver on the features we discussed at the Silverlight Firestarter event last December That was a flurry of revealing that happened in December showing the world what the Silverlight team has been working on. There was no rest for them of course and they continued to complete Both of those show you a list of templates.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel (Part 1) – Controls for Silverlight Developers

When you select one most typically you get new files in your project. It is one area of Visual Studio that is the simplest to extend and provide specific templates for your developers. There is an option for template developers to specify what, if Today at approximately At the time there were a couple of things still not supported and frankly, I got busy and never bothered to check back.


So I spent a few minutes revising the packages Today we are releasing an update to Silverlight 4.

This is an update to two areas where no workarounds could be provided for customers and we found it important to fix. This fomponentart simply fixes what was a broken piece of functionality. Today we had the SIlverlight Firestarter event and revealed to the world for the first time, not only the plans for the next version of Silverlight, but also a slew of demonstrations of some key features. There has been a lot of confusion on the future of Silverlight. In the release of Visual Studio Feature Pack 2 one feature that might be interesting to Silverlight developers is the introduction of support for the coded UI test framework and Silverlight 4 applications, specifically: Use Microsoft Test Manager to capture and playback action recordings for Silverlight 4 applications Create coded UI tests for Silverlight 4 applications with Visual Studio Premium or Ultimate There are more features in the componeentart pack see link above for more details but also some videos to help you understand these features.

Well PDC10 is over note: There was a lot of talk about Internet Explorer 9 and another preview update as well as general web development. There had been some reports on the 2nd day of PDC fxport about the shift in strategy about Silverlight. You may have read the initial story from Mary Jo Foley which led to the tsunami of information about Silverlight being done, over and killed except for the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Other popular news outlets picked up on the story, NuPack is a free open source package manager that makes it easy for you to find, install, and use. NET libraries in your projects. It works with all.

Just a quick shout-out to congratulate the latest Silverlight MVPs to the program. The Microsoft MVP Most Valuable Professional program is a recognition program that is in place to recognize and reward islverlight individuals who have been identified by individuals peers, Microsoft staff, etc.

As of today 01 OCT we welcome some new folks to the Silverlight group: Recently our team released a service release for Silverlight on 1-Sep Other teams have different names for different things.

In the GDR1 release I am sure that for Microsoft developers Windows Phone 7 represents a new opportunity to get out in the marketplace with your XAML skills and get recognized paid for your work!

It has been exciting to see a lot of interest from Silverlight developers in Windows Phone 7.

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There are a series of launch events A whole list of the available tasks in the Microsoft. Tasks namespace can be found in the developer documentation. I was basically creating a simple application that would allow you to choose PhotoChooserTask or take a picture CameraCaptureTask and then display the picture and later post it online or something. Here was my basic XAML structure: Three years ago I wrote about one of the first conponentart casual games built in Silverlight at the time Silverlight 1.

It was a game featuring Lt. Bennett a character who was lost in space and your job was to navigate him through simple puzzle boards back to his space ship. It is a fun little game that can keep you busy for a while and even get you frustrated on some of the harder mazes. The project was done in concert with Terralever, an agency who has great experience in building great online casual Apparently Jeff saved his largest one for an avalanche of knowledge on Twitter in the late afternoon.


Jeff Wilcox is a developer on the Silverlight team and has been working on the Silverlight for Windows Phone initiative as well as the toolkit released today. He was headed out on vacation but decided to throw out some words of wisdom for Windows Phone developers working in Silverlight.

Well, the official Windows Phone Developer Tools are out! The awesome Silverlight toolkit team is at it again, this time for Windows Phone 7. The initial set includes the following: Today, Seesmic more broadly launched Seesmic Desktop, a refreshed platform for interacting with various social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, etc. Seesmic has been one of the leaders in this space providing client applications on various platforms across web, desktop and mobile and providing us with unified views of our interaction with others online.

You sliverlight have remembered seeing Loic on stage at MIX last year demonstrating their first preview of this updated platform and inviting developers to be a part of extending the shell.

A great application that I can also After a longer-than-should-have-been delay you can blame me for that allow me to introduce JetPack. You may have see Tsitsi talk about theming in general and introduce this theme on Silverlight TV. The challenge behind this theme was to take some of the excitement around other Silverlight themes and create a great looking overall theme that could be used for line-of-business applications, but also extended as desired by any other application.

Working with the team at Pixel Lab, our small team The Silverlight team today posted some information about what the future holds for rich Internet apps and where we have come with SIlverlight, where we see HTML5 playing a role and how Silverlight will be a part of the future of this next evolution of rich Internet apps.

Expect to see more from Silverlight in these areas especially in our focus scenarios of high-quality media experiences, consumer apps and games, and business apps Today we released an update to Silverlight 4 update build is 4. You can find all the details in Expotr Here are the relevant highlights: In talking with a friend about some Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight stuff recently. The scenario is that of downloading media files and storing them for later playback.

Suppose you use Firefox as your default web browser and you are a Silverlight developer using Visual Studio. You may have been silverlighht at times in componentadt able to get the debugger to silverliht to your breakpoints.

But it works in Internet Explorer. One of the biggest discussions I started getting into when Windows Phone development was announced to the world was sparked with this single question I posed to our internal Windows Phone sivlerlight teams: What is the use case for when you would want to use a Pano versus Pivot application layout?

I asked this in the context of an application for Yelp that I was writing. Information was similar but not identical. It was only similar in the sense that the data was all about user reviews and venues.

In my eyes I saw this like the fact It was a bookshelf view that I thought was cool and I wanted to use it for my own book recommendation list on my blog.

It really seemed to be a holistic view of incoming feedback from all over the place.