No doubt they invented very godly signs, but these have not come down to us. .. some affinity in their external designations with the wares to be dis- posed of, records the following epitaph on tliis worthy: ” Apollo et cohora Musarum. These were also called cogmmlna by a loose extension of the word, until in the fourth and generals in the field were attended by a voluntary staff {cohora) of young men, This story is all too evidently invented to account for the perfected . Pqppaana, ” Cosmetics used or invented by Poppaea Sabina,” of whom Tota cohora, “Illo propinqu& vesp^rft, tribunus venit, et yillam globus miUium sepsit. Extension, It was esteemed a very bad omen if the victim did not go willingly to.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Strongly recommended by the Medical Faculty in all cases of weakened constitution, and particularly useful in cases of ladies whilst nursing, and delicate children, or in ailments where a stimulating — digestive — tonic — nutrient is indicated. Dose — A quarter to Two Ounces twice daily.

Six dozen Carriage free. In bottles containing 2 fluid oz. Regular size bottles 5 fluid oz. Particularly cohra at this time. The names of the soaps are: Black and white but faintly reproduce the artistic effect of the ” Marechal Niel ” box, for example. Here, upon a background of grained old gold, three loves hold a festoon of roses, the flesh and floral cihora being exqui- site, and there is a touch of the impressionist’s school about the design.

Again, in the ” Lys de France ” there is a fine scheme of colour ; la Belle France draped infent tones of green carries the red, white, and blue flag, which bears the inscription, and the violet colour of the flowers pre- dominates in the lower part of the picture. The designs generally are emblematic, and cok the female form divine in a way that has not hitherto been attempted by English soap-manufacturers.

As to the soaps themselves, we are able, after a critical examination, cim speak favour- g ably. The basis is guaranteed to be that of ” Vinolia ” S oaps, but we should say that it is more matured, for we notice that the percentage of moisture is exceptionally low a little over 5 per cent.

Perfumed with the Choicest Scents. Scented with Choice Marechal Niel Perfume. Scented with Choice Musk Lavender Perfume. You can now have Vinolia Soap perfumed with any scent you prefer. Scented with Choice Jequilla Perfume.

Trade Price, 16 – per dozen Boxes of 3 Tablets. Scented with Choice Marequil Perfume. Minimum Cutting Price, 1,6 per box.

Scented with Choice White Rose Perfume. The above Trade Prices are subject to usual Discounts. Scented with Choicest Heliotrope Perfume. Trade Price, 16′- per dozen Boxes of 3 Tablets. Trade Price, 24′- per dozen Boxes of 3 Tablets.


Minimum Cutting Price, 2 3 per box. Students who failed at last Examination should enter on February 26th. For Prospectus and full particulars apply to E. Since entering upon the new premises the Principal has been thoroughly satisfied with the condition of the School, both in the point of efficiency and the percentage of successful candidates at the Examinations.

At the recent Examination this School retained its usual high percentage of passes. The following gentlemen were successful: Syllabus, with full particulars, may be had on application to the Principal. The present Course commenced January 2nd. Assisted by Eminent Contributors. Revised and entirely Rewritten by H. Translated and Edited from Ganofs “Elements de rbysique.

With 9 Coloured Plat.

With 37 Pages of New Matter. For the use of Schools aEd Students. Cam- bridge ; Assistant Master at Rugby School. With mmerous Illustra- tions. Petersbnrs, and Edited by A. With 97 Illustra- tions. Translated by Professors P. Cr wn 8vo, 6s.

Full text of “The history of signboards from the earliest times to the present day”

Chubchtll, 11 New Burlington Street, W. Application for admission to the School, for Prospectuses, or for further information may be mnde to the Dean, or to Mr. Tali School la fitted up with every convenience lor Pharmaceutical Students, and ths utmost endeavours are mada by mesne of individual attention to secure a successful issue.

Ultra Lectures are given throughout the course, and for retereMot Students are requested to apply to any fast Etx.

Among the successful candidates of January may he mentioned Mr. Intending Students should bear in mind that the majority of our Students have similar success. The ordinary Course for the April Exam, is now full, but on February 20 a serarate and special class will commence for advanced Students. Holders of the largest stoek fxt Spectacles and Folders in every recognised material. Invenh “Bombay Office — S H.

This is a fallacy, inasmuch as, since we have increased our manufacturing facilit.

Optical coherence tomography

We append a few ot our formulas of ready sale with figures: We commend Palatinoids to the notice of inevnt Dispenser on the follow- ing grounds: Palatinoids are becoming- largely demanded in the place of other forms of medication.

This Section of “The Chemist and Druggist” must be closed for press by Tuesday morning’s post of each week. Advertisements in this department must be paid for in advance. From this role no deviation cohoar be made. Letters will then be forwarded to their proper destination. A price is counted as one cohoora as, e. We acknowledge receipt of deposit to both parties, and hold the money until we are satisfied that either the goods are returned to their original owner or thj f urohase is completed.

Portal orders and cheques sent as invebt must be made payable to Edward Cim, and crossed ” Martin’s Bank Limited. Hyposulphite of soda, any quantity, at 10s.


For sale, 4 lbs. Finest Norwegian non-freezing cod -liver oil old5 casks ; what cash offers? Mahogany dispensing-screen, gold letters, plate- glass centre-piece, 50. Carboys, 4 2-gallon, swan neck, with cut stoppers, for sale, new, perfect. Few bright transparences for window decoration. Fine chemical balance in good condition. Mixing-machine ; capacity about 4 gallons. The Chemist and Druggist for May 1, Prints made upon it are distinguished by their delicacy, richness of detail, and beauty of finish.

Unrivalled lor excellence of quality and ease of manipulation. Gives clear whites, exquisite tone, and high gloss; will neither curl, frill, nor blister; incomparable for ease and rapidity of working. Great depth conora variety of lone. In white, pink, mauve, and pensj— the last specially recommended for export. Possesses all the excellent qualities and characteristics which distinguish glossv So’.

The tones are exceedingly delicate, ranging: For enlarging, or for printing by contact from negatives. Unequalled for perfection vom coating, delicacy of gradation, clearness and depth of shadows, and uniformity.

An argentic Bromide paper, which gives the effects of Platinotype, and is at the same time far easier to work. It is distinguished by the soft grey and rich velvet and Platinotype tones, with the perfect matte surface of the finished print on both the rough and smooth paper.

Platino Bromide cmo can be used for making either enlargements or contact prints. The method of treatment is the same as that employed with Eastman’s other Bromide papers. Combines the soft effect of a platinum or bromide tone with a highly vohora surface. It has a delicate pink tint, and is especially recommended for those who prefer a warmer tone than that of the ordinary bromide print. Contact prints or enlargements on this paper have a superior gloss; they possess bright, clear high lights, beautiful half- tones and deep rich shadows, and are transparent without blackness.

No other paper gives such perfect coj with so little retouching. They are ready for work immediately, require no fixing, and produce Aerated Waters of the very highest quality at a minimum of cost.

We guarantee to pro- duce a better article with these than any other system adapted for using the Liquefied gas, and at a lower pressure, invvent effect- ing an immense sav- ing in bottles, and also reducing risk of accidents. In use by- Leading Chemists jnvent all parts of the United Kingdom. We have had over Twenty Years’ experience in the making of Globe Stoppered Bottles, and have manufactured more than all other firms in the World put together.

Q,” are the leading Bottles in the Trade. All our Bottles are made with a patent tool of which we are the Sole Owners, and the grooves produced there- with will be found the most reliable in the market.