subsequent intubation is not always performed with ease. The new videolaryngoscope C-MAC® (KARL STORZ Tuttlingen,. Germany) provides a clear image of. Find great deals on eBay for Storz Laryngoscope in Endoscopes. Shop with Storz C-MAC ZX Video Laryngoscope GXC with Stand. $3, The advent of video laryngoscopy has helped this situation, and a new attachment for Karl Storz’ C-MAC system, the D-BLADE, looks promising.

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As a registered user, you will benefit from many advantages and additional information. What do you need for intubation? We offer cmax solution: Specialist advice Specialist advice. Thanks to its semiflexible sheath and deflectable tip, it combines the advantages of both rigid intubation telescopes and flexible intubation endoscopes.

Its design is similar to that of the retromolar intubation endoscope, which is of particular benefit for the unexpected difficult airway. The jury was impressed by the flexibility of the system because a wide range of video laryngoscope sizes and shapes allows intubating premature babies, children, and adults, and the system also permits treating the difficult airway in extreme situations traffic accidents or polytrauma.

A unique feature of the system is its flexible monitor that allows physicians to cjac the airway under view and additionally capture pictures and videos in real time. This increases patient safety and particularly improves the general and specialist training of young physicians. The jury highlighted this advantage: Epub Dec Epub Mar Epub Jan Epub Sep British Journal of Anaesthesia, 3: Ravi Bhat, Channabasavaraj S.

J Anaesthesiol Clin Pharmacol. Anaesthesist Sep; 61 9: Epub Nov Epub Feb Indian J Crit Care Med. Published online October Epub Jul Epub May Ann Emerg Med Jan Epub Jun KG uses cookies and similar technologies on this website in order to remember information you have entered and choices you make, to provide you with more personal features and to track and analyze your usage of the website.

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Lever with patented deflection mechanism and passive return Ztorz Blade and handle form one continuous piece: Risk of cross-contamination is drastically reduced BlueButton: The New Gold Standard: Additional information on the specialty. Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine. This document is only available for registered users.

Airway Management in General. Difficult Airway Society guidelines for management of unanticipated difficult intubation in adults. Go to the cmxc Diagnostic accuracy of anaesthesiologists’ prediction of difficult airway management in daily clinical practice: Does the use of video laryngoscopy improve intubation outcomes?

Videolaryngoscopy as a new standard of care. Intubation in the ICU: Time to say good bye to direct and flexible intubation? Videolaryngoscopy allows a better view of the pharynx and larynx than classic laryngoscopy. Gatt Br J Anaesth. Description of a new device, case report, and brief case series. Epub Jan 22 Go to the study: Cjac deliberate practice with virtual fiberoptic intubation improves initial skills for anesthesia residents.

Diemunsch Minerva Anestesiologica Vol.

Middle East J Anaesthesiol. Awake tracheal intubation in a patient with a supraglottic mass with the Bonfils fibrescope after failed attempts with a flexible fibrescope.

Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine | KARL STORZ Endoskope | United Kingdom

Tracheal intubation with the Bonfils fiberscope in the difficult pediatric airway: Use of the Bonfils intubating fiberscope in a baby with a severely compromised airway. A randomized controlled comparison of the Bonfils fiberscope and the GlideScope Cobalt AVL video laryngoscope for visualization of the larynx and intubation of the trachea in infants and small children with normal airways.

Combined technique using videolaryngoscopy and Bonfils for a difficult airway intubation. A clinical evaluation of its learning curve and efficacy in difficult airway management.

Pelaia Minerva Anestesiologica Vol. Video Laryngoscopes in General Anesthesia. The anaesthetic assistant’s view. Videolaryngoscopy versus direct laryngoscopy for adult patients requiring tracheal intubation: CD Go to the study: Comparison of the C-MAC video laryngoscope cmax a flexible fiberoptic scope for intubation with cervical spine immobilization.

Comparison of the C-Mac video laryngoscope with the McGrath Series 5 videolaryngoscope concerning an extremely difficult airway. Comparison of Macintosh laryngoscope and C-MAC video laryngoscope for intubation in lateral position.


Dhorigol J Anaesthesiol Clin Pharmacol. Videolaryngoscopy for teaching and supervising rigid bronchoscopy in paediatric patients. Successful use of C-Mac video laryngoscope in a child with large parapharyngeal mass. Epub Oct 2. Reintubation using the C-MAC videolaryngoscope. Implementation in patients with difficult airways initially managed with in situ laryngeal tubes. Randomized controlled trial comparing the McGrath videolaryngoscope with the C-MAC videolaryngoscope in intubating adult patients with potential difficult airways.

September3: Videolaryngoscopy offers advantages over classic laryngoscopy in sforz patient with seriously limited lip opening. Brambrink Anesthesiology, MarchVol.

Storz Laryngoscope

A randomised, controlled crossover comparison of the C-MAC videolaryngoscopy stoorz patients during routine induction of anaesthesia. Serocki Anesth Analg ; 2: Performance of the C-MAC video laryngoscope in patients after a limited glottic view using Macintosh laryngoscopy.

Noppens Anaesthesiadoi: First Experiences with a new device for videolaryngoscopy-guided intubation. Video Laryngoscopes xtorz the Intensive Care Unit. Video laryngoscopy versus direct laryngoscopy for orotracheal intubation in the intensive care unit: A review of video laryngoscopes relevant to the intensive care unit. Airway management in the intensive care unit. Airway management disasters in the ICU – lessons learned? Five scenes of a tragedy.

R Go to the study: Video Laryngoscopes in the Emergency Room. C-MAC videolaryngoscope compared with direct laryngoscopy for rapid sequence ckac in an emergency department: A randomised clinical trial.

Comparison of the C-MAC video laryngoscope with direct Macintosh laryngoscopy in the emergency department. Epub Jan 29 Go to the study: Video Laryngoscopes in the Prehospital Setting. Epub Jun 17 Go to the study: Improvement in glottic visualisation by using the C-MAC PM video laryngoscope as a first-line device for out-of-hospital emergency tracheal intubation: Variables associated with successful intubation attempts using video laryngoscopy: Epub Dec 22 Go to the study: The C-MAC videolaryngoscope for prehospital emergency intubation.