Scienza Delle Costruzioni – Esercizi Svolti Linea Elastica (18 Pag) Castiglioni Petrini Urbano – Esercizi Di Scienza Delle. Castiglioni Petrini Urbano Esercizi Di Scienza Delle Costruzioni (Ingegneria Architettura) Esercizi Svolti Scienza Delle Costruzioni Portali About. Esercizi sul. Castiglioni Petrini Urbano – Esercizi Di Scienza Delle Costruzioni (Ingegneria – Architettura). Uploaded by. Marco Sangiorgio ยท Strut and Tie

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Knowledge and costruzjoni The Course presents basic concepts and tools for structural design, with reference to statically determinate and indeterminate elastic frames beam systems. Applying knowledge and understanding At the end of the Course, each student should be able to determine the safety level of the above structures.

Communication skills At wcienza end of the Course, each student should know all the technical words related to the topics treated. The topics treated in the Course are the following ones: All books are available by the library Biblioteca Politecnica di Ingegneria e Architettura.

The final test ecienza of a written test and an oral test. Such a final test is weighted as follows: The Course consists of theoretical lectures and practical tutorials. For each topic treated in the Course, exercises are planned so that each student can determine the solutions of the theoretical problems explained just before such practical tutorials. Static moment and centroid. Principal axes and moments of inertia. Plane beams and frames. Problem of structural system equilibrium: Diagrams of characteristics of internal beam reactions.


Stress tensor, equations of Cauchy, law of reciprocity.

costruzuoni Boundary conditions of equivalence and indefinite equations of equilibrium. Rigid displacements, strain tensor. Real work of deformation, elastic material, linear elasticity, homogeneity and isotropy, linear elastic constitutive equations. Real work of deformation: The problem of a linear elastic body: Fundamental hypotheses, indefinite equations of equilibrium, elasticity equations and boundary conditions.

Centred axial force, flexure bending momentbiaxial flexure, eccentric axial force, torsion, bending and shearing force.


Differential equation of the elastic line; theorem of virtual work for deformable beams; thermal distortions pwtrini constraint settlements. Theorem of virtual work: Salta al contenuto principale. Target Exchange students Prospective students Visiting scholars. General admission requirements Application procedure A. Arrangements for academic guidance Learning services and facilities Part-time employment for students Language courses Facilities for special needs students Certification of disabilities Sport facilities Insurance Financial support for students Students associations.

Home Information on degree programmes.

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Exercises – Simple beams and complex frames structural systems. Exercises – Statically determinate framed structures. Exercises – Internal beam reactions.


Exercises – Particular problems. Exercises – Analysis of stresses for three-dimensional solids. Exercises – Analysis of strains for three-dimensional solids.

Exercises – The theorem of virtual work for three-dimensional solids. Exercises – Theory of elasticity for deformable three-dimensional solids. Exercises – Strength criteria.

Criteria by Rankine, Grashof, Tresca, von Mises. Exercises – The problem of De Saint-Venant. Exercises – Computation of displacements for framed structures.

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Exercises – Statically indeterminate framed structures. Exercises – Instability of elastic equilibrium. Energy efficiency and building thermophysics. Legal Notes Privacy Access statistics.