Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. CaflOll Instruction Manual DIGITAL VIDEO CAMCORDER CANONINC. Canon Europa The main difference between these models is that the MVi paper. User manual for the device Canon MVi. Online user manual database.

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The main difference between these models is that the Mv450 paper. Please note that illustrations and explanations in this instruction book refer mainly to the MV model. L]VE II As the colours of the wins in the mains lead may nct correspond with the co[cured rnerk’ngs identifyingthe terminals in your plug, proceed as fo][ows: The wire which is co]ound BLUE must be connected tc the terminal which is marked with the ]etter N or co]ound black.

Neither B]ue win cr Brown win is tc be ccnnected to the Earth pin of a 3 pin plug. J0A [pentificet[cn p[ate is ]cceted on the beItorn. Reference [] page numbers: Functions that can be operated frem the body vm450i the camcorder: Functions that can be operated frem the wireless controller []: Supplementary notes for carncorder operation.

Stabilizes your recordings even in long telephoto shots. It is ‘also great for playback. Provide power from a rnaiim outlet or Charge a battery pack [] Noles: Connect the power cable to the power adapter.

Plug the power cable into a mains outlet. Unplug the power cable from the mains outlet, then disconnect from the adapter. Always turn rite camcorder removing the battery. If’tim indicator blinks rapidly and continuously twice a secondthe battery pack m W be defective.

When charging is complete, disconnect the power adapter from the camcorder. Remove the battery pack after use. Likewise, do not connect rite power adapter to an unspecified product. Operate rite camcorder with power from your car battery, 3.

Charge the BP battery. Load or unload the cassette. Click the cover mark back on the compartment ffm grip belt until it cricks, attd file and wait into place.

canob Do not insert anytlting into the small holes on the cassette or cover them witlt cellophane tape. A cassette with metal plated termimds may bedtime dirty with use, affecting information transfer, Therefore, after ushlg a tape about 10 times, be sure to clean the terminNs with a cotton bud. Have you completed rite following steps? For setting rite time zone, see p, 49, For setting the date and time, see p, SP standard msnual].


Other Camcorders – Support

You can’t ado sound audio dubbing or images AV inrerc: ILP, rite camcorder modifies rite image for appropriate recording in that mode. Produces playback images in the ] 6: You can also control the speed of zootrfing: The zoom control continues to m450i as usual.

SET Then select D. The display becomes ” “. This automatically switches rite LCD screan on and the view: The LCD screan automatic’ally switches oft” attd the view: You can also push the panel fiat against the carncorder until it is flush with rite side, with the screen facing outwards, [] Notes: Doing so could cause damage. SET adjust the level with UP from the menu.

The indicators torned on: When you’re using the view: To use the wireless controller, see p. Press and hold m play back continuous frame advance. Press and hNd m play back continuous frame reverse.

Connect the red plug to the red audio terminal R tight. Close-up Remember that any eamcorder movement or change lit picture angle canpn have a definite purpose. Avoid mnaual or hNf-hearted movements. Use pans to yecord a landscape or fblMw a moving subject, Decide the area you want to cover and stmld facing rite end of your panning angle. Press the MENU button to open the menu. SS the selector dial in to select.

The submertu appuars, q[llrn the selector dial and move the arrow to the desired function.


Press the sdector dial in to sdect. Press the MENU button. VCR set up submenu Rexx. There are 4 submenus within the C.

Copy from card to cassette ,, Image erase There are some functions that cannot be operated without the wireless controller: Be careful not m reverse rite polarity of the batteries. Continue to press simultaneously for over 2 seconds. Set the wireless eon0″oller’s mode accordingly by presshtg the aforementioned button combinations.

If rite wireless conO’oller still doesn’t work, change the batteries. The buO,orts remain lit in fire indicated colour. Mwnual light up on]y while one of them is presred. Mb450i, all rite butRms siml. Select the option that represents your time zone. Press the dlal in to move to another part of the display. Set the month, day, hours, and minutes 5. Focus with rite selector dial. By using record rearch, you can ensure a smooth, noire-free join between rite new scene attd the old one.


Release the button when you find the point where you want to start recording.

MVi – Support – Download drivers, software and manuals – Canon UK

ON O Digital c. Slide the program selector to [] program AE mode. Press the selector dial in to display the program 3. I Use this program in places where the background is so bright that rite subject appears underexposed in the display I a sunny beach or ski resort, fbr example. Start or end scenes on a tape with a fade to or from black [. Divides flte display m manyal 4, 9 or 16 still photos. Has 4 transition speed options: Select the desired setting.

The eamcorder will capture rite indicated tmmber of images at rite indicated speed. The 6-bit mede produces the higher sound quality slightly superier 2-bit mede recerds on 2 channels stereo 1leaving 2 channels fer you to add new sound at a later date.

For details on adding new sound, see p, For movies ] 2. Set the eamcorder mode. Sfide the microphone onto the accessory shoe and tighten with the shoe lock. Set the microphone’s dlrectivity l mode. Then you mv405i adjust rite exposure manuNly. Make sure the eameorder is set to the [] program AE mode.

Press the selector dial in and choose AUTO from the program menu. Open the menu and select CAM. Press the selector dial in to select the desired TAPE speed.

Canon MV450i Camcorder User Manual

All you have to do is point it, and whatever is in the centre of rite display will usually be in sharp focus. It” it does not seem to be fbcusing well, it may be because the subject is not suitable for autofbcas. FOCUS in the display. Although slight variations are mv50i, erfiours will appear natural in virtually every situation.

When using a cassette, press it while manuwl eamcorder is in play, slow or still mode. The tape stops automatically when it reaches the zero set position.