Busch-Jaeger is now providing the answer with a new gen- eration of intelligent home controls: intuitive to operate and offering a consistent colour concept, they. The control elements and end strips can be freely combined for Busch-priOn Pos: 24 /Produkthandbuch – DIN-A4/Rückseiten/Rückseite – Busch-Jaeger. home control offered by ABB / Busch-Jaeger greatly exceeds the personal basic need for security and is inspiring with its innovative solutions. There are, for.

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The clear display shows all information for controlling the various functions quickly and effectively. The continuously variable bjsch dimmer can be used to create the desired light atmosphere at any time during the day.

Via the rocker switches freely programmable functions such as light scenes, blind functions or specific lights can be called up.


Control element, 3gang

Four high-quality gusch versions are available for selection: Individual lamps can be activated and dimmed directly via the menu control. Also blinds respond to a single turn – according to timing or individual requirements.

The suitable climate for feeling good is created with the individual room temperature control. And, adapted to your personal habits, entire scenes create that unique atmosphere.


For pdion, those who require only one or very few functions can select the 1gang or 3gang control element. Or for several options the clearly structured, easy to operate colour display with rotary control element can be selected.

The end strips optionally contain a temperature sensor for room temperature control, an infrared interface for remote control and a proximity sensor for activating the display or the LED of the control elements when somebody approaches. With long-lived LED technology.

The rotary control element lights up in the colours of the colour system and thus provides feedback on the selected function.


Yellow stands for lighting, blue for Venetian blind control unit, magenta for light scenes and orange for the heating control pfion. These colours are repeated in the rocker switches of the surface control elements. It is, however, available only in glass black. Your notepad is stored only for the duration of your visit!


The entire room under control. With the turn of a knob.

Suitable for all living styles. Four high-quality design versions open up new possibilities for creative interior design.

Video beenden Loading the player Exit 3D view Nach links drehen Aktuelle Drehung. Product Product group Switch range. One turn and everything is under control. The first KNX rotary dimmer.