Like all home alarm systems, Brinks alarm panels need a way to indicate when they are For more Shop for Home Security Systems Brinks Bhs a Manual. broadview bhsa manual, Brinks bhsa user manual, Brinks. Find your owner’s alarm manuals here to download. Your source for ADT Home Security. Installation Manual for Brinks BHSA – FixYa. Brinks home security systems manual for bhs a Brinks Alarm DIY Help, BHSA control panel Brinks.

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However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined General Use of the System. Thank you for choosing an ADT security system. We appreciate your business. To get the most from the easy-to-use ADT security system, please take the time to read this manual.

It describes the components of the system and tells you how to use the keypad. It also tells you what to do in the event of an alarm. Be sure that air currents cannot move these items into the area covered by the motion detector. Notify ADT before you sell or rent out your home, so that we can arrange to move your service to your new home, as well as instruct the new residents at your current home on how to use the system.

It also contains a battery that allows the system to operate during a power failure. When an alarm occurs, the master control panel sends a message over the telephone line to an ADT Customer Monitoring Center. A motion detector is mounted on the wall inside your home.

This sensor can detect when there is movement within its field of view. Optional Equipment This device detects both smoke and dangerously high temperatures.

It is mounted in a central location of the house on the ceiling. Because a line cut results in a loss of telephone service, this event is not reported to an ADT Customer Monitoring Center. Line Cut For information about any of these products or services, visit www. Indicates either Indicates either Indicates either Zone Zone 1 status Zone 2 status 3 status one or the system is in the system is in more zones have Instant mode Emergency Keys If you are home when a police, medical or fire emergency arises, you can alert an ADT Customer Monitoring Center of your situation with the single press of an emergency key.

The system does not need to be on. Not all emergency buttons are available to all commercial customers. Both types of keypads can be used to turn the system on or off, or to test or customize it.

Brinks Broadview Security System Manuals | Brinks Broadview BHS | Brinks Broadview DTI

If you find it difficult to enter or exit your home before the delay ends, contact ADT Customer Care at Motion Off mode 3. Instant mode The illustration below helps you choose which mode to use. You must leave the building before the delay ends. If the ON light stops blinking and is steadily lit, the exit delay has ended. Press the ON key. This message could mean, for example, that one of the protected windows in your house is open. Standard Keypad Premium Keypad 5.


If the message window 7. 4000a will not receive a call from ADT. Enter the building through a designated brihks door. The siren sounds, and the ON light is lit.

System Options The briks has brinke options: Additional keypad codes 4. Test A sixth option, GoTo, is only available in systems with multiple areas. This section describes each of these options. Bypass a Zone When you bypass a zone, the system ignores it. Turn the Door Chime On or Off When you turn the door chime on, the keypad beeps if a protected door or window is opened while the system is turned off.

To turn the chime on or off: Premium Keypad Standard Keypad 1. Create an Additional Keypad Code You can assign different keypad codes to the members of your family or to people who need temporary access to your home. Housekeepers, guests and house sitters can all be given their own keypad codes. You can assign as many as 91 codes, but for your security, you should limit the number of codes you assign and delete any that are not in use.

Delete a Keypad Code If you wish to delete a keypad code: Standard Keypad Bhx Keypad 1. Make sure there is 1. Make sure there 400a0 Do not attempt to test the smoke detector with heat, flame or canned smoke, as these methods can damage the smoke detector. Close all doors and win- 1.

Brinks Broadview Alarm Manuals – GEOARM Security┬«

Close all doors and dows. Make sure that the windows.

If it is message window reads not, see page If it does not, see page Observe which zone 1. The GoTo feature allows for remote operation of a different keypad assigned to another area.

When activated, the keypad will function as the designated remote keypad. Trouble Messages You will get a trouble message if the system loses power, if it cannot reset the smoke detector, or if it cannot contact an ADT Customer Monitoring Center.

If the outlet is not working properly, contact an electrician to repair it. If the trouble condition returns after 24 hours, the battery is not recharging properly. If the system appears to have no power the keypad does not light or respond to your commandscall ADT Customer Care at Communication Problem Indication What it means: The keypad beeps four times per minute. If you have a Premium keypad, the message window reads: If it is not, plug it in.


We are available to help you 24 hours a day, seven Zone Trouble Indication What it means: A trouble indication on a zone condition would arise if, for example, the smoke detector is dirty or in need of adjustment.

If the system has a second keypad that is operating normally, you can stop the clicking sound by pressing the CANCEL key. During this call, ADT performs a more thorough cleaning and testing of the detector. Setting the Clock The numeric display of the Premium keypad may show the time of day. There is a communicator delay of 30 seconds built into this control panel. It can be removed or increased to a total delay of 45 seconds. Discuss this option with your ADT Installation Technician to determine what will work best in your majual.

ADT of your permit number. In some jurisdic- tions, however, ADT must obtain and submit bhx permit application for you, and will then bill you for the permit and processing fees.

Should I notify ADT of my plans? It is a good idea to notify ADT of the dates of your departure and return. However, probably more important is double-checking your Emergency Contacts. In your absence, you may want to change the call order of your hbs, or add different contacts. If you purchased the optional Line Cut feature, the siren sounds or the keypad beeps within about a minute hbs the time the line was cut. Some states require an additional service tax on the installation, monitoring and repair services you receive.

Also, ADT will bill you brnks a year for the property tax assessed by your local taxing authority. Yes, additional equipment may be installed. You will be charged for the installation and for the service call.

If you choose to have the equipment installed initially, however, you rbinks not be charged for a service call.

You can learn more about the wide variety of additional equipment that is available at www. Additional Questions If you have other questions about the system, please contact Customer Care at If you are using such a service, please conduct 44000a Siren and Transmission Test described on page We manula available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Page of 63 Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Adt safewatch pro security manager security system user’s guide 56 pages. Adt focus plus commercial fire and burglary alarm system user guide 88 pages. Consumer Information However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

Page 6 Questions and Answers. Welcome Thank you for choosing an ADT security system.