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A dieta de T. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Os trabalhadores foram amarrados, sofreram torturas, foram bourraud e jogados no rio. O fazendeiro foi ao mesmo tempo mandante e executor do crime. Tendo em vista o caso, pretende-se: The hydrosedimentological models have an enormous potential in Brazil to be the best tool for the estimative of soil lost principally due to their complexity on description of the processes and the robustness that validate them.

However, due to a need of a very big volume of required information in connection with the difficulties to adapt the international models and the need of time and structure to create national models, the Universal Soil Lost Equation USLE and its variations still are a reference in Brazil to soil lost determination. The inedited application was done in Southeast Cattle Breeding Embrapa’s Canchim Farm, consisting on the first work of this nature done in this area with such tools.

The results obtained were coherent to types of soil, slopes and vegetal cover in the area of study. The litter collectors of 1m x1m were distributed in a well preserved Caatinga forest sister. Litter was fractioned into leaves, stems, reproductive structures and miscellany, and then dried and weighed.

Ruben Verdu – Contemporary Artist, Barcelona, Spain

Bourriauf total litter production in the twelve month was 2. Astrocaryum vulgare, Diospyros guianensis e Calophyllum brasiliense. Aspidosperma subincanum, Tetragastris altissima e Hymenaea courbaril. Drawing from fieldwork notes, archives and literature debates, I state that the fluidity of this category, that embraces consequences of the apartheid, transformations in the agricultural sector, religion and customary laws affects their relations with the State, social movements and NGOs.

This rxdiante also becomes problematic due to the fact that they cannot be easily described by the traditional sociological narratives designed for farm workers, peasants and neither with the one.

Bourriaus vida na fazenda: Com isso o Fragmento de mata demonstra ter uma grande diversidade de radiange, sendo um mantenedor e distribuidor mesmo cercado por monoculturas. O objetivo deste trabalho foi o de avaliar a estrutura populacional de L. The bourriayd Larus dominicanus Lichtenstein, is one of the most common coastal seabirds of the Brazilian coast, exploring several habitats and food types. The estuary known as Saco da Fazenda is an important feeding and resting area for the species.

In this paper, we evaluate the population structure of L. The fluctuations observed in the abundance of L. Tais levantamentos foram realizados entre agosto de a julho de Para o estudo quantitativo utilizou-se da metodologia de Pontos de Escuta.

The quantitative survey was conducted in the period August July using the Point Counts method. Diversity, frequency of occurrence FO, abundance and evenness were measured for the community, which was. Agricultura e radianhe de trabalho: In contrast to these views, first, this article stresses bouriraud presence of Brazilian workers in the activities of both railway building and coffee plantations.

Second, the article maintains that, in fact, it was the failure of. Cultura experimental de seringueira Hevea brasiliensis Muell. This paper reports on the results obtained in an experimental planting of Hevea rubber H. Growth of the Hevea plants in this experimental planting was fair, but yield data obtained by means of the Morris-Mann test indicated that it was rather low. The unsatisfactory growth as well as the poor yield are attributed to the poor handling of the rubber planting rather than to an unfavorable effect of the environment.

galeria na fazenda: Topics by

Full Text Available Resumo: The following text aims to introduce a discussion about the relation that the priests of the Society of Jesus had with the black slavery in Portuguese America, more specifically in the captaincy of Rio de Janeiro during the colonial period.

The analysis seeks to understand them not just as theorists regarding this theme, but also identifies the order as one of the biggest owners of slaves of the Americas.


The existence of these farms did with many contingents of slaves were incorporated to their goods and the Jesuits become effectively Lords of land and men captive who were breeding in their regions or in the farms. Thus, began there, one of the many problems faced by the priests in Brazilian lands and, later, in different parts of the Americas. Jesuits — Slavery — Endogenous breeding — Hybridism. Full Text Available This article is about the eighteenth century mural paintings at the headquarters of Fazenda Rialto, in Bananal, which were destroyed in Studying the fragments of the paintings of Rialto as primary material documents, the main objective of this article is to identify the artistic, technical, and executive characteristics of three sets of murals attributed to a single painter.

A methodology which combines laboratory tests and historical research on artistic techniques was adopted for objectively recognizing the artistic and artisan characteristics of the period and discussing the attribution of exclusive authorship to the work. The analytical systems adopted for this purpose were: Issues related to the limitations on official Brazilian preservation activities for this category of artistic work were also discussed, reflecting on the development and changes in notions of historicity related to the preservation of works from the past and their methodological implications for conservation and restoration.

The Southern Amazon forests, where the Seasonal Perennial Forest occurs, has great influence on the maintenance of the regional physical equilibrium and they are among forests most threatened by anthropic action and are little known in relation to their structure.

The vegetation sampling was composed of the distribution of center quarter points, all individuals with DAP diameter to height breast equal or superior to 10 cm were considered. The total density of. Full Text Available The aim of this study was to make a diagnosis of coastal pollution through bacteriological analysis of water taken from stormwater drain systems and the nearby seashore.

The results were submitted to statistical analysis as to differences in the Most Probable Number MPN of fecal coliform FC found between the stormwater drain systems and adjacent seashore locations both at low and high tides. The main conclusions were: A densidade total foi de ind. Ducke e Protium pilosissimum Engl. The southern border of the Amazon region presents a peculiar type of forest called Seasonal Evergreen Forest, which has currently undergone several environmental impacts due to the agriculture frontier expansion from the Northern state of Mato Grosso.

Due to the lack of studies on this type of forest. These preliminary research notes present theoretical and methodological questions regarding a recently inaugurated investigation in historical archeology that intends to analyze daily life under slavery, demographic regimes, cultural practices, and so on.

With the cooperation of historians, archeologists, and anthropologists, records of the material culture of slave populations, which originally comprised indigenes and later Africans, are being located at excavations underway on the fazenda that is part of the Jesuit school in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, first run by the clergy and later by members of the laity in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. The Sierra de Atapuerca, northern Spain, is known from many prehistoric and paleontologic sites documenting human prehistory in Europe.

Este trabalho investigou os sistemas de controle utilizados nas fazendas de soja no norte de Mato Grosso, a partir da perspectiva dos gestores. Ceramic finds from the Galeria de las Ofrendas at Chavin de Huantar and surface finds from the settlement of Chavin were characterised by combining the results of archaeological typology with archaeometric studies using neutron activation analysis, Moessbauer spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and thin-section microscopy. Sherds from the pyramid Tello are included in the study as representative of local material.

The analyses show that the vessels were made from different raw materials and that different firing procedures were used in their production. Sherds of certain styles largely exhibit similar types of Moessbauer patterns and in many instances also have similar element compositions. This supports the archaeological notion that the vessels were brought to Chavin from the provinces, perhaps on the occasion of a festivity.


The Farm is within the Atlantic Plateaumorphosculptural unit, with climate Cfa, between and m elevation. Only tree species 2 meters high were collected and identified.

A total of species distributed in generaand 41 families were sampled. Fabaceae 24species, Myrtaceae 15, Lauraceae 9 and Meliaceae 9 were the richest families.

The floristicsimilarity between the studied area and other Semideciduous.

A Case Study from Galeria Kaufhof. This contribution deals with the business valueof radio frequency identification RFID technology in the apparel retail industry. Bokrriaud trial shows that operational efficiency gains through the automation of logistical in-store processes, such as inventory counting or goods receipt, are possible.

Moreover, RFID enables new customer applications on the sales floor, which allow for a redesign of the customer interface, and thus an improvement of the service processes and the service quality.

In addition, the analyses of the gathered data on the sales floor help to close the “data void” between the goods receipt and the point of sales of the department store, thus offering the opportunity to directly observe and analyze physical in-store processes. The RFID data analyses allow for deriving valuable information for the department store management in the areas of inventory management, category management, store layout management, and department store processes.

The aim of the course was to provide intensive knapping training in order to enhance analytical methods and procedures. This training was not only for students, but also professionals who were interested in the course. The course was given by Bruce Bradley University of Exeter, who has extensive experience with Stone Age technologies and experimental archaeology.

Welcome to peepingMonster. Ruben Verdu artworks, news, and writings

The workshop had 15 participants from Brazil, Uruguay, the Netherlands and Canada. As effect of demographic growth in the last decades, many cities in Southern Brazil experienced a degradation process of conservation areas.

In this study, semi-structured interviews and a phytosociological inventory were employed to assess the effect of anthropogenic use of tree species of the gallery forest in the Brazilian Pampa. Eighty-four informants were interviewed and buorriaud a total of 43 tree species, belonging to 23 botanical families. Four categories of use were identified for the referenced species: Indexing tools to evaluate environmental quality from biological data, floristic and vegetational data in Ponte Galeria Rome, Italy.

In the present work the study of indexing tools to evaluate environmental quality from biological data has been performed using a certain number of floristic and vegetational indices near Macchia Grande of Ponte Galeria Rome, Italy. The indices have been applied on the basis of the data coming from a phyto sociological study of the area. Multivariate statistics methodologies have been utilized to obtain a synthetic evaluation of the indices [it. Gallery forests in bourrizud Cerrado biome possess physiognomic and floristic peculiarities that allow its division in two subtypes: Entre a serra e o mar: Full Text Available Raxiante trabalho investigou os sistemas de controle utilizados nas fazendas de soja no norte de Mato Grosso, a partir da perspectiva dos gestores.

Extracting bourrriaud from mature fields generates huge volumes of produced water whose pollutive character requires adequate treatment to minimize environmental impact. Nevertheless, produced water raciante be re-used, avoiding environmental contamination and helping in water resources preservation.

According to future use, produced water receives specific treatment, intending to remove critical contaminants to the application involved. These processes are sensitive to high water hardness and silica concentrations.

To avoid scaling, caustic soda is added in rasiante water-oil separator outlet, precipitating calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide. This treatment, however, helps solubilizing silica. Coagulation-flocculation laboratory tests were run with poly aluminum chloride PAC and magnesium chloride at constant temperature 45 deg C and radiatne adjusted to 9,5, attempting to simulate the water-oil separator outlet conditions.

Laboratory analysis bokrriaud good silica removal results only in samples treated with PAC, suggesting its use in produced water for steam generation pre-treatment, avoiding silica-based scaling in membranes.

Bats from Fazenda Intervales, Southeastern Brazil: