Contains over one thousand practice questions – worked examples, quick tests, 2 full BMAT-style sample test papers, and 2 full UKCAT-style. Contains over one thousand practice questions – worked examples,quick tests, 2 full BMAT-style sample test papers, and 2 fullUKCAT-style. Pris: kr. Häftad, Skickas inom vardagar. Köp BMAT and UKCAT Uncovered av T O Osinowo, R A Weerakkody, H W Woodward på

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Report Thread starter 8 years ago 1. Can someone enlighten me on what the exams are about Any information would be useful Report 8 years ago 2. UKCAT is done independently at a driving test centre. It’s an online exam with four sections that you can easily prepare for with self-teach books available on Amazon etc. Your school should register you for it. It’s a two hour exam and has three papers, the first two of which are multiple choice and the last of which is an essay.


Report 8 years ago 3. Original post by Mariia Report 8 years ago 4. You don’t necessarily need to take either of them. It depends on the schools you’re applying to. Report 8 years ago 5.

[PDF] BMAT and UKCAT Uncovered: A Guide to Medical School Entrance Exams Full Collection

Report 8 years ago 6. It’s an online test and is conducted by Pearson VUE. The 2 hour test contains 5 uncoverwd that basically test your personality. It has sections that test your skills in verbal reasoning, quantitative analysis, abstract reasoning, decision analysis and non-cognitive analysis.

You can register for the test anyday between early July and early October. It is an offline i. There are 3 sections testing your logical reasoning, subject science knowledge and writing skills respectively in 2 hours time.

The test date is 3rd November You can take both tests since you are in the preparatory stage and you have some time to prepare. That will increase your chances to get into the univ of your choice. Report 8 years ago 7.

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Report 8 years ago 8. Oh and in case people didn’t notice I was lets just say, not quite with it when I made that post – hurrah for leaving tsr on after going out However the sentiment remains the same.

Report 8 years ago 9. Original post by martin Oh and in case people didn’t notice I was lets just say, not quite with it when I made that post – hurrah for leaving tsr on after going out Report Thread starter 8 years ago Thank you guy sooo much!


Report 8 years ago Original post by Ignoramus. Original post by Master. Original post by Ignoramus Yeah I did, but only because I learned to answer the questions in the exam efficiently.

I still maintain that the UKCAT is completely pointless as far as selecting candidates for med school is concerned, it doesn’t say anything about a candidate that isn’t said better by their GCSEs and A Levels. K What resources did you use to practice? Do you think I should buy these books now or is it generally too early?

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