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Evaluar y comparar las propiedades antioxidantes mediante ensayos in vitro de extractos autocae de las algas roja Bryothamnion triquetrum y verde Halimeda opuntia y su relaci?? Se utilizaron las t?? Propiedades nutritivas y saludables de algas marinas y su potencialidad como ingrediente funcional.

Usos industriales de las algas diatomeas. Contiene un listado sobre los diferentes grupos de algassobre todo las macro algas de agua bloque y marinas para aumentar la lista de especies de algas de Costa Rica. Directory of Bpoques Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Objetivos: Dibamicos of marine green alga Ulva fasciata extract on the management of shrimp bacterial diseases Eficacia del extracto del alga marina verde Ulva fasciata sobre el manejo 210 las enfermedades bacterianas en camarones.

Full Text Available Secondary metabolites of the green algaeUlva fasciata, were tested to determine the efficacy of controlling shrimp bacterial pathogens. Exploratory experiments indicated that an intermediate dose 1 g kg-1 of shrimp of Ulva in the diet was highly effective at controlling bacterial pathogens of shrimp, as compared to lower mg kg-1 and higher 1.

The pilot experiments evaluated the percent of relative protection afforded shrimps treated with Ulva diet and faced with various concentrations of bacterial pathogen. Las especies algales que mostraron actividad antibacteriana fueron: Los resultados obtenidos permiten concluir que las algas de la costa occidental de Venezuela, presentan compuestos bioactivos con actividad antibacteriana.

Aves marinas de las costas e islas colombianas. Two strains KM3 and Aurocad of halophilic methylobacteria isolated from Red Sea algae do not require vitamin B12 for growth and can use methanol, methylamine, dimethylamine, bloquew, dimethyl sulfide, and fructose as sources of carbon and energy.

The cells of these strains are gram-negative motile monotrichous strain KM3 or peritrichous strain KM5 rods. They are oxidase- and catalase-positive and reduce nitrates to nitrites.

Both bloqyes can grow in a temperature range of 4 to 37 degrees C with optimal growth at degrees Cat pH between 5.

The phospholipids of these strains are dominated by phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylglycerol and also include phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylserine, and cardiolipin. The dominant fatty acids are C The major ubiquinone is Q8. The cells accumulate ectoin, glutamate, and sucrose as intracellular osmoprotectants.

The strains implement the 2-ketodeoxyphosphogluconate-dependent variant of the ribulose monophosphate pathway. Analysis of the 16S rRNA genes showed that both strains belong to Gammaproteobacteria and have a high degree of homology bolques The ability of these strains to produce auxins indoleacetic acid suggests their metabolic association with marine algae.

Se identificaron 17 especies de Cyanobacteria, 93 Rhodophyta, 28 Chlorophyta y 25 de Heterokontophyta. We present results on the study on benthic marine algae in 7 localities from the west coast of Guerrero, Mexico. Dijamicos report species: Fifty four are new records for Guerrero; while Myrionema strangulans Greville and Acrochaete ramosa N.


Gardner O’Kelly are new to the Pacific coast of Mexico. Each species includes data on its distribution, reproductive stages, tidal level, facies, epiphytism and herbarium’s number.

Species diversity was compared for 2 different climatic seasons. The Rhodophyta are dominant in terms of diversity in relation to the autodad groups.

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The algal flora of the northwest coast of Guerrero is tropical and the greatest diversity was found during dry seasons. Full Text Available Invasive species can alter coastal ecosystems both directly, e. Previous studies have shown that invasive algae can modify native habitat architecture, disrupt intricately linked food webs and alter epibiotic assemblages. In the UK, the seagrass Zostera marina supports a diverse epibiotic assemblage, influencing key factors such as sediment dynamics, depositional regime and trophic linkages.

Increasing encroachment of the invasive alga Sargassum muticum into seagrass meadows changes the physical and chemical characteristics of the local environment and creates the potential for changes in the epibionts associated with the seagrass blades, threatening the blqoues of the seagrass ecosystem.

We investigated the effects of S.

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Epibiota were weighed, identified to the most detailed operational taxonomic unit OTU possible, and unitary organisms were enumerated. Linear mixed effects models indicated that differences in epibiota assemblage composition were not reflected as significant differences in mean biomass per sample, or number of epibiont OTUs per sample.

We conclude that S. El alga marina Sargassum Sargassaceae: Veinte cabras hembras Nubia en crecimiento 43 semanasse distribuyeron aleatoriamente en dos grupos de 10 cabras y se alojaron en corraletas individuales. No se encontraron diferencias significativas en el peso corporal 8.

The nutritive value of seaweed Sargassum spp. Twenty female Nubian goats weeks old were randomly distributed into two groups of 10 goats each and were housed in individual pens.

Feed and water intake were recorded daily and individually for 60 days. The weight of each goat was recorded every 15 days. The nutritional content of Sargassum spp. Este es un taxon que crece en ambientes hipersalinos. Como se puede observar en el desarrollo del estudio, el resultado es negativo. Full Text Available Se aislaron cuatro clones de Pseudoderbesia y se mantuvieron como cultivos unialgales: Pseudoderbesia is described as a new genus within the Bryopsidaceae.

Four clones of Pseudoderbesia were isolated and kept as unialgal cultures: Although only the gametophytic phase is known, it is distinct enough for the establishement of a new genus. Growth, variability and swarmer production, under culture conditions, are described and discussed. It is suggested, that some little known species of Derbesia with dichotomous branching and gradually attenuated filaments, like D. Gmelin Howe Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of the red marine algae Bryothamnion triquetrum S.

An increasing interest has been growing during the past years for the search of natural origin antioxidants, particularly those from marine algae. In this context, the main objective of current research was to evaluate the chemical composition and some antioxidant properties of the aqueous extract of the seaweed Bryothamnion triquetrum. In current approach, the following results were obtained for the different procedures assessed: Effects of algae -mat thickness on survival and growth of eelgrass Zostera marina seedlings.

A major bottle-neck for eelgrass Zostera marina re-colonization is seedling survival and patch establishment as mortality rates among the young seedlings are high even in areas where light conditions and physical exposure should support survival. Since little is known about the reasons for the Since little is known about the reasons Aspectos ecologicos de las algas marinas de la provincia de Concepcion, Chile.


In submerged levels the populations of Gracilaria and Macrocystis. Adicionalmente, mediante un estudio de caso usando dos especies del intermareal superior, Ulva sp. EE – Microbiology, Virology Impact factor: Arquitectura y poder local: Full Text Available Resumen: The main objective of. Agardh against Dysdercus cingulatus Fab.

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Agardh contra Dysdercus cingulatus Fab. Agardh, against Dysdercus cingulatus Fab. Dinamicod tenerrimum has been used as a source of fertilizers and drugs, but there is no information available in the literature about its use in ecofriendly pest management. Adult longevity of both males and females was reduced by the CH and BE extracts. The CH extract reduced D. Females emerging from the BE category could not lay eggs. All the extracts significantly reduced both total body protein and genomic DNA content.

However, these fractions did not significantly alter the nymphal developmental period. Results indicate that these seaweed extracts can be used as biopesticides for pest management. Agardh, contra Dysdercus cingulatus Fab. Our previous studies demonstrated that the ichthyotoxic Chattonella marina stimulated proliferation of branchial chloride cell Autocxd and induced osmotic distress akin to hyperactive elimination of ions in fish Rhabdosargus sarba. To ascertain the in vivo effects of C.

However, significant inductions of these two ion-transporters were detected in CCs of fish after 6 h exposure. This study is the first to demonstrate the in vivo effects of harmful algal toxin on NKA and CFTR protein expressions dinsmicos gill transepithelial cells. Ecophysiology of Antarctic macroalgae: Javier ; Bloquees, J. La diversidad de especies es, de forma general, mayor en fondos con cobertura vegetal p.

En este trabajo se ha analizado este Its hydrogeochemistry has autocda established by analyzing one hundred and eight samples from different points along the aquifer.

The high sodium chloride content of the water is put down to fairly recent relative changes in the sea and continent levels, which have left saline water trapped by a series of blocks that divide the aquifer into various separate compartments. This relative lack of hydraulic continuity between the aquifer and the sea, together with fact that its resources are not subject to overuse, make it very unlikely that marine intrusion is the cause of the high saline content of the water.

The conclusion to be drawn is that these waters dinamicoos not very dibamicos either for human consumption or for irrigation. La presente EMC fue una herramienta adecuada donamicos estimar las consecuencias del. Antifouling activity by sea anemone Heteractis magnifica and H. Full Text Available Sea anemones Actiniaria are solitary, ocean-dwelling members of the phylum Cnidaria and the class Anthozoa.