Buy Equalizers: 4 (Black Medicine) by N. Mashiro (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Mashiro’s Self-Defense and Vital Points Black Medicine 1: The Dark Art of Death The self-defense techniques described in the Black Medicine books are . Actually Chinese White Medicine is touted as being excellent for treating a variety of ailments. I have never heard of Black Medicine though.

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Photos and excerpts from Black Medicine Vol. Mashiro and Paladin Press. This volume is my course on unarmed self-defense.

It is partly based on karate, and partly on a variety of grappling, bone-breaking, and joint-locking techniques that anybody can learn to do in a few minutes. The self-defense techniques described in the Black Medicine books are extremely dangerous. These techniques, particularly the use of weapons, inevitably reflect the author’s individual beliefs and experiences that the reader cannot duplicate exactly. Therefore, they are presented for academic study only.

The author, publisher, and distributors of these books disclaim any liability from any damage or injuries of any type that a reader or user of information contained within these books may encounter from the use of said information.

One second he has you by both wrists. The next second he looks like this. If all has gone well, your opponent should now be standing with his right shoulder toward you.


Grab the hair at the back of his head with your left hand and yank it straight down not backwards to drop him on his back. If the hair is too short to grab, reach over the top of blak head and get a hold by digging your fingers into his eye sockets.

Yank his head straight back so his face points toward the ceiling.

To make the fall more violent throw your feet out from under you and drop on your chest, letting your weight drive his head down. Shift your hips to the side. Reach back with one hand and grasp his genitals in your fist.

He will probably let go instantly. If not, lock your arm as straight as a ramrod and throw your feet out from under you. Let your weight rip his private parts down to his ankles It actual practice it is impossible to maintain a grip tight enough to tear the opponent asunder, but there is a striking ‘window shade’ effect which is sure to get his attention.

His genitals stretch down as far as they will go and then pull free of your grip to snap back in place like a window shade rolling up. It feels just as sickening as it sounds. He chokes you, and then a second later he eats pavement. At this point you can exert pressure against his wrist by meddicine with your right hand. You can put painful pressure on his elbow joint by levering upward on his wrist with your left hand the right hand helps, too.


But most people prefer the final option. Lever up on his wrist with both hands as you throw your feet out from under you and let your entire ,ashiro hang on his upper arm.

Black Medicine: The Dark Art of Death by N. Mashiro

The motion is like sitting down on the ground very suddenly. Unless your opponent has superhuman strength and resistance to pain, he’ll crash headfirst to the pavement.

A variation which works for the ladies blxck to reach into the fellow’s groin and fondle him. This is a little like putting an alligator to sleep by rubbing his stomach!

Mashiro’s Self-Defense and Vital Points

He may decide that he’s msdicine a lucky catch, until you sort things out, catch a testicle between your thumb and forefinger, and squash it like a ripe grape. Order this book from Paladin Press. Excerpts from Black MedicineVolume 3 One second he has you by both wrists. A bird in the hand Mashiro’s four books are referenced in Dr.

Bruce Clayton’s Shotokan’s Secret.