Schafer 1 Alex Schafer Mrs. Field LNG 16 March “Being a Chink” Questions Questions on Meaning: 1. In paragraph 9 Leong says that she and her . Christine Leong- “Being a Chink” Questions on Meaning 1. In paragraph 9 Leong says that she and her friends “know what the word chink means.” Where in her. Responding to Christine Leong’s “Being a Chink” In paragraph 9, Leong says that she and her friends “know what the word “chink” truly.

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Leong knew the meaning of the word and was upset that someone would ever call her father that. The fact that she was so upset about her father being insulted reveals how hurtful the word really is and helps to establish a greater understanding of the power of language. Naylor, on the other hand, was young and did not understand the degrading comment that was thrown at her. All that she knew was that it christime something that she should not be called, so she felt chrietine.

It was a comment that was lfong directly to her in person, so it helps to shape her reaction by explaining why it was one of confusion and embarrassment. They were both upset by the word that was thrown at them, or their loved ones, because they were words meant to hurt and humiliate.

Both show that words have power and can affect people. There are all kinds of euphemisms used in our daily lives; much is found in television, the newspaper, magazines, and from the people around us. In order to cover up these emotions, using a euphemism distances us away from the awfulness, like the Holocaust which was the inhumane and heinous torture of the Jews, fellow human beings.

Placing a label on this atrocious event makes people think of it as some history vocabulary word that they must learn in order to pass a test and not as a horrific feat in history that has impacted the lives of many. I agree that we all have equal chances at excelling at something, but luck and motivation set people apart.

I believe that it is easy to assume that not everyone has a perfect equal opportunity, but the reality of it is that hard work and determination divide the outcome for people in the United States.

I have found that many people at school lack the kind of motivation that leads to success. I tutor a boy named Tyler for Power Period. All he cares lelng are the sports scores not the class he has already failed. Tyler is given credit recovery so he can graduate high school and move on with his life.

He has the chance to succeed; but because he has a low work ethic, his chances of becoming financially successful are slim. Hopefully yet unlikely, he will succeed in athletics become a professional athlete. In essence, throughout our American lives, chances and opportunities are thrown at us at opportune and inopportune times. The United States offers options but whether one takes chjnk option manipulates the outcome. Every person on the planet feels the need to maintain a connection with those closest to them, and the cell phone is the method through which most people remain in contact with one another.

However, this increase in reliability of technology inevitably causes a dependence on it, resulting in millions of addictions to cell phones.

Being a chink by christine leong essay

The desire to feel connected, to feel as though someone actually wishes to interact with the person causes his or her to become enthralled by the tiny piece of plastic in which his or her social life dwells. Despite all of the beneficial uses of leoong phone, such as allowing parents to have the ability to reach their children, they have had several detrimental effects on society.

While cell phones have brought some people closer together, they drive others apart. With the addition of texting to the cell phone, millions of people refuse to hold conversation with friends and family members that are sitting right beside them. Instead, they are texting or calling their friends, resulting in ruined personal relationships. Leng, teenagers would rather text during school instead of paying attention to the instructors, resulting in lower test scores.

Finally, many people use their cell phones while driving. This dangerous action has resulted in countless car accidents that have led to a large number of deaths. Just like alcohol they say they will only have one or two but have you only ever had one or two cookies or chips? Some people just sit on the couch with a bag of beiny and before you know it, the whole bag is empty. Eating junk food sparsely is healthy and enjoyable, but people these days christinw junk food as a supplement for healthy nutritious food.


Overdosing on junk food can cause obesity and other health problems that could lead to death and life long diseases.

Also when you get bejng to junk food you would rather be lazy instead of going outside to play or exercising. chjnk

After you get addicted to junk food you start to make all the unhealthy choices. You might be thinking that you do not have an addiction to junk food and you only eat for fun.

But ask yourself does junk food out weigh the amount of healthy food in your life? People crave drugs and they do it over and over again to satisfy their body. When you are craving chocolate or fast food do you normally go out and get some? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you obviously have an addiction to junk food.

For some reason Word decided the it wanted to be a 3. Does language define us? Yes, it does because of the WAY we use words today.

Back in the day, it might have been a different story, but for today, the answer is yes. In Leong’s story “Being a Chink” Leong starts off with the statement that language defines who we are today, but later in her essay, states that she and her friends refuse to be defined by the racist language.

I agree with her point, and I also believe that the contradiction does not weaken her story because who else would WANT to be defined as a derogatory label like that? Language is used today to communicate with each other beyond limits.

Leong`s “Being a Chink”

We use Facebook like we can’t get enough of itMyspace, Twitter, and texting with our cell phones which we can’t live without. Not only does christind define who we are, the way we use language also defines who we are.

When we communicate with our friends, we communicate bing “loving insults. The United States is a society that recognizes talent and values hard-work; as long as you pursue chrostine education and apply yourself, you will become economically successful.

Every day I receive countless emails and letters with information of colleges, and of scholarships that I could win; these colleges are open for anyone to apply to, and the students are accepted purely on their merit, whether academic or athletic. Public schools funded by the government also offer children the opportunity to learn and to expand their horizons.

People are given many opportunities to pursue a higher education and to become economically successful. However, in the end, the individual determines how successful he or she will be in life; whether or not a person succeeds depends on the amount of effort and time that the person is willing to invest in their education and goals. While the situation in which Naylor’s and Leong’s derogatory label was given differ, their reactions where similar.

Both Naylor and Leong were surprised by the label, but their reasons were different. Leong knew what the word meant, but was more surprised somebody such as her father could be called such a name. Since Naylor is not completely sure what the word means, she analyzes how it could be used in various situations. By showing byy Naylor and Leong, two completely different people, are affected by the power of language we, as readers, get a better understanding how words have a strong impact on a person.

The context helped shape their reactions in different ways. In Leong’s essay, the contents of the envelope was unexpected, and built up to. By having a contrasting light diction prior to the finding of the envelope, to strong diction after it shows the impact the word “chink” plays.

In Naylor’s essay the context shapes up their reaction by seeing how Naylor analyzes the derogatory label that is she is called. Although the peong dealt with the same type of racial situation, they handled and reacted to the problem differently. The name calling occurred when Naylor was at school.

She said something unkind to the boy behind her, and he responded with that word. Naylor had heard the word before, so it was not some new term.

But this time, it was different. In that environment, the word was used casually and without intention harm. On the contrary, in her school setting, a young boy used the word in a hateful, prejudiced manner to attack Naylor. In this context, Naylor did not know what to do or how to respond which explained why she was so perplexed.


After a whole day of sorting through papers, Leong approaches an envelope with this word on it. So differently compared Naylor, Leong is angry chonk of confused. It was not just the word that made Leong so angry, rather, she felt anger because she knew that the word was meant to attack her father. The women did not respond the way they did just because of the word that was used. More importantly, it was how the word was used which made them have such a negative response.

Video games give the players sensations that they probably never experience in real life. Some video games are violent, such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, which gamers can use to get their anger out and that give them a thrill that they have never experienced in the real world. These video games involve killing the people chtistine the games freely and can cause the gamers to react to situations in real life in a similar way as they become used to the endeavors of the video games.

Christine leong being a chink essay | Motorcycle Trailer

Being addicted to video games can also bring their grades in school down as they label videos games as more of a priority and can be damaging to relationships with no communication with the real world. Chrristine are, most prominently, used to keep one person’s speech politically correct and leonv maintain a neutral stance.

By many prominent figures in society, from politicians to heads of organizations, utilizing euphemisms in their speech in order to protect themselves from opposer’s outlashes the chinm is shaded from the reality of occurences and fed a watered down account of the truth, provoking less neing a reaction and forming both more ignorant and less chtistine citizens, as very few take the time to deeply investigate matters themself and find an untainted version of a story.

Euphemisms help public figures as they allow for the discucssion of pressing current events and give them a method to “answer” pressing questions, while in christjne they are discucssing the event neutrally and softening the edges of reality with kinder terms for true facts, therefore never actually taking a stance or making a point, so no one can argue against them.

By using euphemisms the harsh reality behind many events is concealed, leaving the majority of the world in the dark.

Cihnk instance, describing the Japanese earthquake as “a slightly disturbing shudder of the Earth” is much less sympathy provoking than stating “Japan felt a earthquake that was over an 8 on the Richter scale and that injured nuclear power plants’ abilities to safely manage their radioactive materials”.

If euphemisms were eradicated from our speech I believe a much more altered state of mind in beiny general public would appear. I also would predict that eliminating euphemisms would lead to a much more educated and active society. This assertion leads into their stories, both which tell a story of the transformation of a negative and hurtful word into one that embraces culture and heritage. However, the initial reactions of hearing a derogatory word differ. Naylor had heard the word previously, but in a positive and embracing way.

The maturity difference of the two is shown through hy reactions; however both learn to accept the word that can potentially hurt them and use it to take pride in who they are. According to Webster’s New Explorer Dictionary, a euphemism is “the substitution of a mild or pleasant expression for one offensive or unpleasant. Authors, like Bettelheim, may or may not object to use these pleasant expressions in their writing in order to cushion the harshness of words that a select group of people may take offense to.

Growing up in a world that is full of these types of numbing words, it can be almost impossible to distinguish a euphemism hidden between the lines of an author’s essay, or a politician’s sly words spoken to an audience of adults who are expecting the use of them.

One can pick up a newspaper, flip through a couple of pages, and immediately christinr multiple times that the writers of said newspaper have used a euphemism. An example of this type of word that many students and faculty at Lakeside chjnk become accustomed to is “furlough. In regards to Columbia County schools, these furlough days may be a vacation for students, but they drastically affect students and teachers alike.