Call to Arms’ rules (and the accompanying deck of cards, spare banners and tokens) are used for BattleLore’s army selection system uses a novel, card-. Call to Arms is one of the small BattleLore expansion sets, each of which are packaged in a plastic tray inside a cardboard sleeve. This one. BattleLore: Call to Arms. Designed by: Richard Borg. Players: 2. Published by: Days of Wonder. Year Published: Recommended Ages: 10+. Time to Play: .

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BattleLore: Call to Arms

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Please select a support frequency. Tags separate by space: How many troops will be present on the battlefield on average?


How is an epic game handled compared to the standard game? Hopefully DoW will do an online version of Battlelore, as I can see playing it a lot more that way and I really want to play.

But I think setting up scenarios is a drudgerous pain. I’d rather just start playing In the end the “expansion” adds nothing meaningful calll the game and simply makes set up longer. Also, check out Michael Barnes’ comments on Battlelore and this expansion for a slightly different point of view.

Buy BattleLore: Call to Arms – FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES

Are you just over enthusiastic? I am sorry to ask, but I sawonly positive things in this review and I am finding that the usefulness of the expansion is close to nothing, while the price tag for what you get is hefty.

Rundown of what you get: Deploying troops by throwing them from afar IS novel, but ain’t good neither I am seriously starting to wonder how much vallue we should put in game experts like Tom Vassel.


I mean the guy actually gets these thing send to him, without even asking for it, and than tells us, it is worth it? OH sure, if they gave me a copy for free I’d deffinatly aggree it’s worth every cent I spend. Add tags Tags separate by space: