Barnacle Parp’s Chain Saw Guide has 3 ratings and 1 review: Published Parp’s Chain Saw Guide: Buying, Using, and Maintaining Gas & Electric Chain Saws. Barnacle Parp’s Chain Saw Guide is a must have book for the shop or coffee table. It’s the penultimate chainsaw collector’s handbook, complete with technical . Choosing the right sized saw for you, starting a saw, and safe handling instructions are among the topics covered in this excerpt from a popular chainsaw guide.

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Lots of people who cut a great deal of wood, year-round, keep two saws: If you use fuel in any other way, you use more fuel per work minute than you use with a chainsaw. Open Preview See a Problem? Log in or Sign up. If your saw or chain is new, add extra oil—the same kind that’s in the saw’s oil tank—by hand at this time. The idea is to coordinate the downward pivot of the cutting attachment with the increasing engine speed so that the machine is running at full speed and power chaisnaw split second before it hits the wood.

Feb 6, Messages: Don’t force it into the wood. Hold the nose of the bar up while you turn the chain-tensioning screw.

All I can say, faintly, is that cutting trees down is dangerous. John Bishop is currently reading it May 14, Avoid these scenarios that results in kickback. NEVER touch the chain or attempt to adjust tension while the engine is running! Your chainsaw is now idling. And the language evolved.


If your bar is pinched because you cut too far, use a wedge barncle crowbar to widen the kerf enough to remove the saw. It is not a contradiction to say that you should work close to your saw. Take every precaution to be sure that the nose of your bar does not touch anything. Growing a Garden from Seed. I prefer ordinary jeans.

Barnacle Parp’s Chainsaw Guide

Maybe Bushler cause ain’t Noyo at Fort Bragg? Have the log firmly supported on the ground. The oil tank is full of bar and chain lubricant, and the oiler is working properly. This chainsaw guide is for anyone who cuts wood or uses cut wood.


Tips on how to start the saw and apply it to logs. This is true of most brands of chainsaws, and most anti-kickback devices. Because if you do either of those things, you need a chainsaw. I use a saw that can take a inch bar but equip it with a inch bar. Any prolonged session of chainsaw work increases the chance that vibration and noise will endanger your health. If yours is a mini-saw, steady the rear of the saw with your right knee.

Barnacle Parp’s Chain Saw Guide by Hall, Walter

Most people find that a inch bar is sufficient for nonprofessional use. Jun 28, Neil rated it did not like it.


Let the saw warm at half-throttle and half-choke for a few minutes. Johnny Stafford is currently reading it May 17, Advice on proper attire, stance, and grip. While somewhat useful, scannning through it there is some quite insightful philosophy If your right arm is stretched, you will tire quickly and increase the chances of kickback.

Without touching it, glance at the chain.

Barnacle Parp philosophy

Don’t be afraid of it. All you have to do is find wood that your saw can cut. There are millions of unused cords of dead firewood left in the forests every year and that’s not barjacle to change suddenly.

And never operate a gasoline chainsaw in a closed area. Then, if the saw does kick back, you have more strength behind it to protect you. It’s the best cure, though a fine walk in the woods is just about as good”.

Get a good-sized log, at least 12 inches in diameter, and plan on cutting only part way into it, say a third or so. All the helicopter cutters have radios. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The best advice is never to adjust the chain while it’s still hot.