balli sastram for men in telugu under the foot. Reply. Rand says: July 14, at am. astrology hindi what means of fall lizard on.

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Most of the Hindus believe in it.

The effects of the lizard falling for men and women are different as per the shastra. Head — Dispute or clash is on cards. True that, lizards don’t decide our fate, but, in occasions, we tend to have a look at these predictions for they give some amount of relaxation or consolation in these tension filled life!

Lizard fall on my knee below and left hand thumb finger. What would the effect. What happens for men if Lizard fall on right knee below and left hand thumb finger. Lizard fall on my right hand and here is the result that I get romance ……… Is it trueis it happens really. Lizard fall in to my head.

I know it mean that afraid of death.

I want valli know afraid of whos death. Today evening at 8: Please tell me the effects of this and solution. What happen when it falls and moves on right side chest please tell me any pare garam for that. Lizard falling on my right hand plz tell the effect.

Lizard had fallen on the right side of panchamgam chest so suggest me issue I am gonna face plz rply to my mail. Lizard fall in my right shoulder at 8: Lizard fall and dead in front of me. My body dint touch. But he died in front of me balki in few minutes. Lizard falls on pennis??

Just to check piegeon stood on the window grill of my prayer room and droppings were found in the room it was sunday morning 8.

In late 2 pigeons appeared again at the living room window grill and droppings were found every. The Monday morning at 6. What does this signifies. Lizard falls on left arm wrist for men so I want to knw this answer and meaning so plz tel to me……. What does it mean. Iam so scarred panchangan reply. Lizard fall on left leg ball the bathroom… Please suggest the meaning for the same. Today I was pouring water to tulsi plant which was on top. As I was pouring water, lizard crawled on to my right wrist to below the elbow.


Pls tell me what happens, is it te,ugu fortune or bad???? Lizard shit fallen on my right shoulder is it good are bad. I am worried about it please guide me. Today morning around 7.

My wife Harshitha dreamt two lizards standing ackwardly in her sleep early morning, once she woke up she told the same to me. Lizard dropes on my back side of my head when i am bend.

So what happend to me it is good or bad please balpi me reply. Please let me know what does it sign.


I am 38 year old man…Today 10 pm… when I am sitting on the bef…a lizard fell on right forehead and fell on right hand…near my wreast … please let Me know good or bad. While having tea around A lizard fell on my forehead this morning at 7.

I am a female and While walking, unknowingly, I stamped lizard with my right leg. DearI sirsir,Lizard fall down from my home wall morning lift hand body without touching panvhangam is there any favourable news. I am hemavathi Today at I am 29 years old ladyLizard is fallen on my right side of breast on Monday.

Balli Dosham In Telugu Pdf

Plz tell me the effect. Hi,my name is Amy. I,m komala born on A lizard fell below right side chest ,may be ribs, today at I am 40 yrs women, lizard fell from tree upon my left shoulder after sunset on saturday. Please let me know what will be the effect of this incident happened.

Lizard climed on my right side leg back side of the toes on friday 7 pm pls tell me the solution. Hi, myname is Ann, on the 11 Feb at 1.

But I was wearing a cap. I was queuing to buy a loto. Any meaning of it? The lizard fall on my left-hand fingers upper side in the morning what does it mean…plz tell me as quickly…as possible. Your posted regarding lizard fall on right chest of women. Can you please let me know the effect. Hi my name is Suresh left hand arms down joint lizard fall……what happens. Lizard was there on my back on 7th March Tuesday at around 9 pm.

Please let me know the effect. I am a women of 61 years. Hi mam,My mom is 36 year old lady.

Balli sastram in telugu pdf download – Google Docs

A lizard felll on my body early morning, I think right side of hip, stomach, so pls let me know will it hav any bad effect, Thank you Vijayalakshmi. My son 14 years old boy stamped a lizard with his left back foot and the lizard dead.


A baby lizard climbed on to panchsngam right leg. I accidentally stamped with my right leg while trying to put it away and it died. All of you need to be educated properly so that you rise above this shitty belief and make fool yourselves. There is nothing more that science tells about the event.

So plz stop discussing this ridiculous shit. Baby Lizard was in the pipe and I told pancangam pipe so it felt lizard in my right Hand fingers and plams and then it felt down, Please help to provide astrology meaning for the same. My age is 22 and today is amavasya today as soon I wake up at 7: Sir today night at Waiting for your reply. Sir, lizard fall in left toe at Two lizards felugu fallen on the head of my wife in bathroom and after 7 months she expired due to child birth complications,that time we just shrugged it off as a normal but a frightening incident.

I am a female. On 9th June, a lizard fell on my right breast. What does this signify? Hello sir im sowmya. Today at between One lizard falls on my left leg calm And jump toward north side pls tell me what it signify.

A lizard suddenly falles on my left hand at the time But why did it stay for seconds. What should i do? As it was raining. I was settler aside. It was night As soon as rain stopped. I started back to home on bike.

May I know the reason negative or positive thing for this. A house lizard fallen in my right knee when I was passing front door of my house and the time was nearly 6: The lizard was died and his tale was cut.

Hi I am ranganath. Either good pznchangam bad plss clear my confusion. On Ganesh festival dayafternoon small lizard fell on my right knee and moved till my right chest……. I am female lizard fell pnachangam back of right shoulder at night 7.