There is a good pdf download on making Ash ELBs from Alan Blackhams backstreet bowyer site. Some of it will be stuff you know, but there is. common self bow to start with; I’d suggest reading alansq’s Backstreet Bowyer guide: Silves Backstreet. Done. Comment. views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Taken on December 2, All rights reserved.

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Leo Todeschini Industry Professional. Sean Bafkstreet myArmoury Team. This is a standard topic. Fri 26 Dec, 2: Ok, so I have been wanting to make an authentic english longbow for quite some time now, and now I finally have the time and the chance to do it, so, can anyone walk me through the steps that go into making said bow?

Such as what part of the tree to use and what kind of wood I could reasonably use to make it I don’t have access to more traditional resources so I am wondering if Oak wood will suffice and about how tall and thick around to make it. Any and all comments will be appreciated. Yew is ofcourse the preferable wood to use, I have seen ash used as well I would suggest getting a copy of the bowers bible which tells you anything and everything you need to know about making any kind of bow.

Most prefer a sapling trunk or a primary branch. Google for primitiveways the site is good but for some reason my link is bad. But if you really want to try it, here are some suggestions: But if you seriously want to built a good one, I could recommend the book “the bowyers Bible, volume one” to you. Please excuse spelling mistakes, I’m from germany Fri 26 Dec, 4: Yew – pacific, or high-altitude european – is preferred but if you’ve never made a bow before I’d stay well clear or you’re going to end up wasting a very nice and rather expensive piece of wood.

A Victorian target bow will have a draw weight between 45 and 70lb measured at 28″ draw. The bow has a central riser in the handle which stiffens the centre of the bow making it nicer to shoot.

white ash build along (finally done( this time for real))

The bow tends to work from the mid-limb out, so is generally a less efficient design. A warbow comes full compass – that is, it bends through the handle at full draw. This makes it far more efficient but much less comfortable to shoot many novices complain of hand-shock. Draw weights, for a period-accurate bow, should be somewhere between 90 – lb; this time measured at 32″.


If you’re a reasonably fit, average adult male you should be able to shoot a lb bow with practice. To shoot over lb requires a lot of training, technique and practice. To be honest, I wouldn’t bother about making a bow above about 70lb, unless you seriously want to get into medieval archery. Fri 26 Dec, 6: They have plans for a lemonwood longbow with detailed instructions.

Silves Backstreet

Red or white oak will serve, but make a very underpowered bow. Try hickory for your first attempt, it makes a good bow and is very forgiving of errors. Rudderbows and several other websites offer “you finish bows” for a very reasonable price. This might be a good place to start, if you don’t have too many hand tools. I got started by buying a copy of “the Tradtitonal Bowyers Bible Vol. The TBB also has a section on board bows and how to select the boards.

The Bent Stick is another good boywer book for beginning bowyers.

FGL celebrates hits with Backstreet, Bebe

Fri 26 Dec, I bacstreet a lb longbow once Not just my arm either, my whole body hurt after just one shot. I have no idea how that 60 year old man shoots it all day long. Most shooters complain that my 70 lb longbow is too much around here. I think 50 is a good start for a first bow and a lot less painful is something goes catastrophically wrong. Considering my first bow attempt broke in two and a piece bopped me in the head, It’s not a bad idea to start off low.

Never shot a longbow but I do have a recurve that I picked up pretty cheap. It’s a 55 pound bow and truth be told, it’s about as heavy as I’d want to start with. I don’t have any trouble with a 75 lb compound bow that my neighbor owns but my recurve is a stout little beast to draw. Even the archery guys at the local sporting goods store have remarked “man, that old bow is pretty tough! I suspect that unlike the archers of old, we’re all just a bunch of weenies anymore. Like I said, just conjecture based on very limited experience, but still Mon 29 Dec, 2: Most modern archers are a bunch of weenies.

I mean honestly 70 lb longbow is not that bad. And some are even so ignorant to think that because they use a lb draw compound bow, that drawing my 70 lb longbow will be badkstreet easier when in fact it’s harder. Then they try a REAL longbow at lb draw and they cry and complain and make excuses. I’m just glad we have some old timer archers around here to smack down those young whipper snapper archers with their fancy smansy compound bows hehe.


Mon 29 Dec, backsyreet On the other hand, I know only about 3 or 4 people in the world who can comfortably shoot a lb bow – by comfortably I mean full draw 32″to the ear, on every arrow.

I’m sorry, but leaving 6 inches of a 32″ arrow stuck out the front of the bow constitutes ‘plinking’ to me, not shooting! Don’t get hung up on bow draw-weights. I’ve shot lb bows I could shoot all day; and others I’ve struggled with. The difference is in the performance of the bow.

You have to find the heaviest bow you can comfortably shoot, with the most performance. There’s no point have a bow you’re not the master of – you’ll never get any performance out of it.

As an example, my wife shoots an 80lb warbow. She can shoot a military arrow about yards. When I shoot the same bow and backstrreet I can get yards; simply because I’m so much more ‘on top of’ the bow. Leo Todeschini Industry Professional Location: Mon 29 Dec, Christof C Ok, so I have been wanting to make an authentic english longbow for quite some time now, and now I finally have the time and the chance to do it, so, can anyone walk me through the steps that go into making said bow?

Tue 30 Dec, 1: I would also say that if you already shoot then you baxkstreet know what kind of weight bacstreet good for you otherwise go for lower weights at say 50lb as then you can boeyer on technique and learning to shoot rather than working out why your shoulders hurt.

It must also be said that a knock on the head from a 50lb bow breaking is better than one from a lb which is an expectation from a novice bowyer. Sun 04 Jan, 7: Thank you very much for all the help. I think I might just start out with a hickory bow and maybe one with about a lbs draw weight. Does anyone know of any diagrams on how to make this bow? Sun 04 Jan, Sean Flynt myArmoury Team Location: Mon 05 Jan, 7: The Great Warbow is great reading for both history and technical discussion.

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