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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Smooth rotation characteristic performance is ensured. V OH [V] Circuit current: Pin name Function 1 N. The recommended value is 0. Output dataasheet be open when the reverse rotation of the motor is detected. Depending on how the torque control reference terminal voltage, ECR is specified, there may be datashet case when the output current for the motor does not go up to the torque limit value.

Please be aware of this voltage range when specifying the ECR voltage. Keep the input voltage range in mind. Deceleration forward rotation H: Therefore, the reverse rotation detection circuit operates, and the output is turned off and open.

Use the BR pin within the permissible input range. Keep the input voltage range see Fig12 in mind. The output frequency of FG2 signal is three times higher than the FG frequency signal output. So, it is suitable for the ba6664m speed rotation detection. However, damage may result if absolute maximum ratings such as applied voltage and operating temperature range are exceeded.

Assumptions should not be made regarding the state of the IC short mode or open mode when such damage is suffered. A physical safety measure such as a fuse should be implemented when use datasgeet the IC in a special mode where the absolute maximum ratings may be exceeded is anticipated.


Insert external diodes between the power supply and the IC’s power supply pins as well as the motor coil to protect against damage from backward connections.

Be sure that there is no problem with each property such as emptied capacity at lower temperature regarding electrolytic capacitor to decide capacity value. If the connected power supply does not have sufficient current absorption capacity, regenerative current will cause the voltage on the power supply line to rise, which combined with the product and its peripheral circuitry may exceed the absolute maximum ratings.

It is recommended to implement a physical safety measure such as the insertion of a voltage clamp diode between the power supply and GND pins. Improper mounting may result in damage ba66664fm the IC. Datashet between output pins or between output pins and the power supply and GND pins caused by the presence of a foreign object may result in damage to the IC.

BAFM datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

If the chip becomes the following temperature, coil output to the motor will be open. It is not designed to protect the IC or guarantee its operation. Do not continue to use the IC after operating this circuit or use the IC in an environment where the operation of the TSD circuit is assumed. For example, when the resistors and transistors are connected to the pins as shown in Fig. The formation of parasitic elements as a result of the relationships of the potentials of different pins is an inevitable result of the IC’s architecture.


The operation of parasitic elements can cause interference with circuit operation as well as IC malfunction and damage. For these reasons, it is necessary to use caution so that the IC is not used in a way that will datassheet the operation of parasitic elements, such as by the application of voltages lower than the GND P substrate voltage to input pins.

Always discharge capacitors after each process or step. Ground the IC during assembly steps as an antistatic measure, and use similar caution when transporting or storing the IC. Always turn the IC’s power supply off before connecting it to or removing it from a jig or fixture during the inspection process.

Be careful not to change the GND wiring pattern of any external parts, either. Our Products are designed and manufactured for application in ordinary electronic ddatasheet such as AV equipment, OA equipment, telecommunication equipment, home electronic appliances, amusement equipment, etc. ROHM designs and manufactures its Products subject to strict quality control system. However, semiconductor products can fail or malfunction at a certain rate.

Please be sure to implement, at your own responsibilities, adequate safety measures including but not limited to fail-safe design against the physical injury, damage to any property, which a failure or malfunction of our Products may cause. The following are examples of safety measures: Our Products are designed and manufactured for use under standard conditions and not under any special or extraordinary environments or conditions, as exemplified below.

If you intend to use our Products under any special or extraordinary environments or conditions as exemplified belowyour independent verification and confirmation of product performance, reliability, etc, prior to use, must be necessary: The Products are not subject to radiation-proof design. Please verify and confirm characteristics of the final or datasheft products in using the Products.

In particular, if a transient load a large amount of load applied in a short period of time, such as pulse. Avoid applying power exceeding normal rated power; exceeding the power rating under steady-state loading condition may negatively affect product performance and reliability.

When used in sealed area, confirm the actual ambient temperature. Confirm that operation temperature is within the specified range described in the product specification. ROHM shall not be in any way responsible or liable for datasheeh induced under deviant condition from what is defined in this document. When xatasheet highly active halogenous chlorine, bromine, etc.

In principle, the reflow soldering method must be used; if flow soldering method is preferred, please consult with the ROHM representative in advance.

If change is made to the constant of an external circuit, please allow a sufficient margin considering variations of the characteristics of the Products and external components, including transient characteristics, as well as static characteristics. You agree that application notes, reference designs, and associated data and information contained in this document are presented only as guidance for Products use.

Therefore, in case you use such information, you are solely responsible for it and you must exercise your own independent verification and judgment in the use of such information datasheeet in this document. ROHM shall not be in any way responsible or liable for any damages, expenses or losses incurred by you or third parties arising from the use of such information.


Precaution for Electrostatic This Product is electrostatic sensitive product, which may be damaged dwtasheet to electrostatic discharge. Please take proper caution in your manufacturing process and storage so that voltage exceeding the Products maximum rating will not be applied to Products.

BAFM Rohm Semiconductor | WIN SOURCE

Please take special care under dry condition e. Product performance and soldered connections may deteriorate if the Products are stored in the places where: Even under ROHM recommended storage condition, solderability of products out of recommended storage time period may be degraded. It is strongly recommended to confirm solderability before using Products of which storage time is exceeding the recommended storage time period.

Otherwise bent leads may occur due to excessive stress applied when dropping of a carton. Use Products within the specified time after opening a humidity barrier bag. Baking is required before using Products of which storage time is exceeding the recommended storage time period. Precaution for Disposition When disposing Products please dispose them dataasheet using an authorized industry waste company.

Precaution for Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade act Since our Products might fall under controlled goods prescribed by the applicable foreign exchange and foreign trade datassheet, please consult with ROHM representative in case of export. Precaution Regarding Intellectual Property Rights 1. All information and data including but not limited to application example contained in this document is for reference only. ROHM does not warrant that foregoing information or data will not infringe any intellectual property rights or any other rights of any third party regarding such information or data.

BA6664FM – Deus Ex Silicium

ROHM shall not be in any way responsible or liable for infringement of any intellectual property rights or other damages arising from use of such information or data.: No license, expressly or implied, is granted hereby under any intellectual property rights or other rights of ROHM or any third parties with respect to the information contained in this document.

This document may not be datzsheet or reproduced, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of ROHM. The Products may not be disassembled, converted, modified, reproduced or otherwise changed without prior written consent of ROHM.

In no event shall you use in any way whatsoever the Products and the related technical information contained in the Products or this document for any military purposes, including but not limited to, the development of mass-destruction weapons. The proper names of companies or products described in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of ROHM, its affiliated companies or third parties.

Before you use our Pro ducts, you are requested to care fully read this document and fully understand its contents. All information contained in this docume nt is current datsaheet of the issuing date and subj ect to change without any prior notice.

ROHM shall not be in an y way responsible or liable for an y damages, expenses or losses incurred b y you or third parties resulting from inaccur acy or errors of or concerning such information.