Find great deals for Atmel 24rf08 EEPROM AT24RF08BT Sop8. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Hello, I have a question about my LENOVO G Can you say me if the BIOS password is stored in the BIOS EEPROM itself (so it can be. This script reads the supervisor password from the i2c eeprom (ATMEL 24RF08) in thinkpad laptops in case of an encrypted password.

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Wed Mar 05, 3: I’m from germany, so my english is not as good as yours! I want atme, unlock my t30 since i got it locked from a friend.

Service Forum :: View topic – Building a ATMEL 24RF08 Chip reader

I just tried atmle find a chip reader, but found nothing. Now i want to build one myself. It should be the most simple version of it!

Would be great if someone could give 24rf0 an instruction how to build it. So can anybody please tell me which things i have to buy to build it correctly.

Another possibility would be, that someone sends me his reader Wed Mar 05, The resistors could be 0. Thank you so far.


What means i need power supply when net soldered? May I also use a resistor with 1w?? Power supply is for stand alone eeproms, you wont need it.

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I dont have a proffessional soldering gun. So i want to try it without soldering. Is that too risky or can i try it?

There’s no need to solder. Before trying anything, check the interface with itester is in the reader kit.

Atmel 24rf08 EEPROM AT24RF08BT Sop8

So i really need to have calm hands to do this, if I unterstand you right, you mean to contact the needles with the chips sda and scl? Thu Mar 06, I just ordered these diodes as they told me they are the right: The Db9 i’m going to take from an old mouse Fri Mar 14, I’ve now finished the reader, so i can start to work out the password!

I will post some difficulties I’ve had with the reader later! Mon Mar 24, 8: My homemade atmel-reader worked pretty good, so i tell you what you have to do for unlocking a thinkpad t I ordered some resistors and diodes from an electronic shop.


Remember the ground cable. You can solder them together, so you will need to connect it to one ground point at the end. When you have finished soldering and you are sure you have done the right job you can begin with preparing the connection to the atmel ahmel, which is quite easy if you have a sewing needle.

Thinkpad supervisor password read /clear

That should help to connect the cable with the atmel chip’s arms. I will upload some photos here later if i’ve found out how. Then you have to wait until your notebook surely doesn’t work anymore. Then plug in your reader to com port of your pc, which will read out the password. Mon Mar 24, 9: Here you can read out where you have to connect your cables http: If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

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