Bamboo documentation. Bamboo is a continuous integration and delivery tool that ties automated builds, tests, and releases in a single. Bamboo Support · Documentation · Knowledge base; Resources. Search · Log in · View account · View requests · Log out. Bamboo is a continuous integration and deployment tool that ties automated builds, tests and releases together in Check out our comprehensive Git tutorials.

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This tutorial outlines how to use Bamboo to run, and get rapid feedback on, builds for your Java project. Bamboo has the concept of a ‘plan’ to look after tutoorial configuration for your continuous integration workflow. So, to run your first build, you’ll create and run a Bamboo plan.

Build, test, deploy

This tutorial assumes you are using Bamboo Cloud, which allows us to make some assumptions about the resources available to Bamboo. You just need to make sure you or your company administrator have properly installed and configured Bamboo for running plans. We also assume you have an individual Bitbucket account.


A Bamboo plan specifies the source code repository, the tasks to run in your build, and when to trigger a build.

We start by creating a new plan:. Every plan belongs to a project. Bamboo needs to know the plan name, plan key and a brief description of what the plan is for. Bamboo needs to know where the source code repository is atlassoan, and needs permissions to access the repo, so that it can check out the code when it runs a build.

Enter your Bitbucket credentials, and click Load Repositories to browse to your repository. We can choose how Bamboo gets prompted to run our plan build. For this tutorial, we want Bamboo to run the build when code is committed to the repo:.

Bamboo documentation – Atlassian Documentation

A newly created plan has a default Source Code Checkout task that gets the source code from the source repository specified earlier. We also want to compile the code, and run the unit and integration tests. We’ll add a builder task to the Bamboo plan to do that. We assume that your project already has a build process set up that Bamboo can call.


Click Add Taskthen Builder and choose the task that matches the build tool for your project.

Your tests will be run when the builder task compiles the code. Each of the builder tasks above has a section to tell Bamboo to expect test results and where to look for them. You can specify a custom results location if your project directory doesn’t use the conventional structure. Tests in the appropriate directory in the source code repository will be run automatically atllassian part of the build, and the test results will be displayed in Bamboo.

Bamboo Support

Now, whenever you commit a change to the repository, Bamboo will build your source code and report on your test results. See Getting feedback for details.

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