At-Tibyan Publications produced a manual which provides thirty-nine ways in which a Muslim can participate in jihad against the infidel. Posts about At-Tibyan Publications written by Ghareeb. This is a collection of At-Tibyan’s articles, books, and discussions. They are very, very useful and one can learn a great amount of knowledge.

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Please make sure the Twitter account is public. So sincerity is purifying the intention and the actions from the impurities of Shirk.

Jihad and the Effects of the Intention Upon It. At-Tibyan Publications produced a manual which provides thirty-nine ways in which a Muslim can participate in jihad against the infidel.

From the ways in which Allah puts His believing zt-tibyan to trial is that He inflicts them with hardship, and the befalling of hardship on publivations Believers is for two reasons:.

And We will most certainly try you with somewhat of fear and hunger and loss of property and lives and fruits; and give good news to the publicatons, Who, when a misfortune befalls them, say: So, if hardship befalls a Believer then he should be patient, and not hasten himself to Allah i.

My slave has caused death on himself hurriedly, so I forbid Paradise for him.

And it has been confirmed of the Prophet that he did not pray at the funeral of those who committed suicide. Narrated publicatiosn Imam Abu Daud in his Sunan 3.

And the majority of the scholars understood from the hadith of avoiding the funeral prayer of the one who committed suicide, was in order to make people avoid doing it, as was said by Ibrahim bin Publicationx 4and Khatabi reported from most at-tihyan the Fuqahaa that he is to be prayed upon, and that is the right thing to do in the matter 5 and Muslim narrated in his Sahih that the Prophet peace be upon him prayed a good prayer for those who committed suicide 6 and this shows that the one who commits suicide is entered into Masheeah — if it is willed, he will be forgiven, and if it is willed he will be punished.

From what the scholars in the books of fiqh have summarised, on the legality of plunging of a man into the rows of the Kuffar, even if he is sure to be destroyed, if in it is the benefit of the Muslims:.

So if his intention is to encourage the Muslims at-tlbyan them, so that they do as he did, then it is legal, for in it is the benefit of publicarions Muslims on some issues. And if he means to terrorise the enemy, and to teach them the firmness of the Muslims in religion then too it is legal. As for the proofs that the scholars gave in argument of the legality punlications throwing oneself into death for legal reasons, then they are many, and we will mention some of them:.

Get up to enter Paradise which is equal in width to the heavens and the earth. Messenger of Allah, is Paradise equal in extent to the heavens and the earth? The Messenger of Allah may peace be upon him asked him: What prompted you to utter these words i. Messenger of Allah, nothing but the desire that I be among its residents.

Thou art surely at-tibyaan its residents.

He took out dates from his bag and began to eat them. If I were to live until I have eaten all these dates of mine, it would be a long life. He threw away all the dates he had with him. The martyrdom operations- Suicide- these days have several understandings and ways, and from them are. It is similar with the previous picture in two matters and different in one. Being sure of death of the Mujahid, or most probable, and that is by the fact that both of them strive with their selves, being sure, or almost sure, of not coming back.

And also is similar that its aims are similar to those proposed by the righteous predecessors in the legality of the second picture, and that is to cause either vexation in the enemy or strengthening the selves of their companions And it is different from the second picture and is similar to the picture of killing oneself that is forbidden, is that the Mujahid is not killed by the hand of the enemy instead is killed by his own hand, or the material with which he will kill his enemies or opponents, so it is similar to the picture of killing oneself in this door.


So do we join it with the second praised picture or the picture of killing oneself that is forbidden? If we know that the reason for forbidding killing oneself is impatience and dissatisfaction, and it is a situation that shows little belief, and weakness in faith, and non reliance, not just because of killing by ones own hands, we would know that joining it with the second picture killing oneself is quite far-fetched, and does not match with it, and the reason for this fairness: So look at this boy, how he directed the unbeliever to kill him, instead he told him of the only way he could kill him, and his reason for that was the good will of the manifestation of belief and its popularity, so joining this picture with the second picture — the praised and incited one — is more rightful and correct, than joining it with the forbidden picture of killing oneself.

And this is not of our legislation to be argued with, instead it has been argued with by the predecessors of Islam without denial And then it is also said that it is well known that the Muslims killing of other Muslims is from the greatest of sins and crimes than killing oneself, for the person who violates others rights and oppresses him is greater in sin than the one who transgresses himself, as Ibn Hajr said in the explanation of the saying of Bukhari Door of what has come in Killing oneself He said: Bukhari intended to follow the topic of killing of oneself with the killing of others with precedence, because if the one who kills himself is someone who is not used to transgress himself, he is promised very severely so better than to transgress others is killing oneself And from what has been declared permissible by the consensus of the scholars is the killing of a Muslim, his Muslim brother while he is inviolable, killing him in case of shielding.

And the picture of the situation is: The majority of the people of knowledge have said: I heard that the army of Muslims, when it met the Persians, the horses of the Muslims fled fearing the elephants. One of them the Muslims made an elephant out of clay and made his horse familiar with it, the next day, his horse did publicattions run from the elephant, so he attacked the elephant that was leading.

This is a really good resource.

So he is brought, then He verifies to him His virtues, so he recognizes them. Your Cause until I was martyred. So what is left of it after this? And in this document, I do not wish to provide the evidences for the legislation of this Jihad and assisting it, as this is a whole other issue.

At-Tibyan Publications | الغرباء

The Russians came with a massive military campaign, during which publicagions targeted the lands of the Afghans onlyand installed publicagions government that was subservient to them. Rather, it made support of them to be a crime even if this support consisted simply of Qunoot and publicatinos for them!

Rather, it has made the scholars issue verdicts that outlaw and forbid any participation in it. And the overall conclusion that can be drawn from this quick comparison is that when the Jihad in Afghanistan was against the enemies of America, and served the interests of America, it was considered, according to the Saudi government, to be Jihad for the Sake of Allah, and it was allowed for the Mashayikh to issue rulings regarding it, and material and moral support of it. And whoever supports them with a fatwa or with wealth is imprisoned -let alone those who support them with men — and it is not allowed for the scholars to issue fatawa regarding it.

Rather, it is the opposite: So, the issue is very clear, and it is: Rather, it only knows Jihad for the sake of America. And Allah is Controlling of His Affairs, even if the disbelievers hate that. So, its support of the Afghan Mujahidin in the past was because of that serving American interests in the region, just as in the s during the Reagan administrationthe Saudi state supported the Contra rebels in Nicaragua — as the American president himself embarrassed them by exposing this — because the revolution there served the interests of America.

  AFNOR NF P 03-001 PDF

Otherwise, both sides of that conflict were disbelievers, the region is empty of resources and there was no interest for the Muslims in that war. Rather, it was Jihad for the sake of America!! The Muslims do not understand that peace comes only with the return of all their rights, and it is not made except when we are high and honored, and it cannot be unless we possess the sufficient deterrent power so that we may respond to the enemy if he violates the peace agreement.

It is not a vile word that must be erased from the school curriculums, or from the media, and from the pages of the newspapers and books, and from the Friday sermons, and from the lessons, and other than this. Not at all, my brothers! To where will we run publicatiosn these words? Incite the believers to fight publicationz.

Fight those of the disbelievers who are close to you, and let them find harshness in you [2]. When will the harshness appear if all the Muslim countries are occupied, and we are still searching for peace? In what law is this present?? And there is a lesson for us in history. No ruler cared to at-tibyyan his weapons or train his armies. The proper planning was not put in place. There was no meticulous intelligence-gathering.

The Muslims were very, very lax in their preparation. Their priorities were set in a humiliating way. While the examples of those who excelled in the educational, military, and management fields lessened in number, there increased the appearance of the male and female singers, and the male and female dancers, and the male and female athletes, and the heedless males and the heedless females.

Is this an Ummah that is preparing itself for the emancipation of its lands? An Ummah with such a preparation must be defeated. My brothers, without preparation, the Muslim Ummah will not rise up. The two must go together. So that is a very dangerous disease and it continues to be present, and review the statistics on the educational and economic and military and political state of the Ummah so that you can see the extent of the calamity in which the Ummah is living.

The upbringing of an exemplary person, as me mentioned many times before, is thousands of times higher than the upbringing of books and sermons. Soldiers feel a huge sense of estrangement and they completely lose enthusiasm if they lose an example to look up to. How can the people fix their state while the examples that appear for them are immoral examples, completely far from the path of righteousness?

The seventh disease, a very, very dangerous disease: And they are the same causes for victory in all the battles of the Muslims. Indeed, until the Day of Resurrection. And this is because the causes for victory are from the Divine Sunan, and the Divine Sunan do not change and are not exchanged. And it was tried with many dangerous illnesses, which are, simply, the opposite of the causes for victory that we mentioned in the previous lesson.

Not racial or tribal or nationalistic. Our outside is Muslim and our inside is Muslim.

Our politics is Muslim. Or economics is Muslim. Our media is Muslim. Our judiciary is Muslim. Our army is Muslim.

Full Collection of At Tibyan Publications

Like this, with clarity. Without concealment or dread or fear or apprehension. My brothers and sisters, pub,ications is nothing for us to be ashamed of. Rather, the one who frees himself from the religion is the one who should be ashamed. Those who speak about the religion must be very careful, and every word is counted against them, and they must say the words with precision so the words do not pbulications other [unintended] meanings.

And as for those who speak about corruption and pornography, then as they wish. No restriction or condition.