ASTM C Mortar Flexural. July 16, | Author: Hiren Joshi | Category: Elasticity (Physics), Strength Of Materials, Beam (Structure), Bending, Deformation. ASTM C (C) determines the flexural strength and modulus of elasticity in flexure of cured chemical-resistant materials in the form of molded rectangular. Standard. Standard number, ASTM-C ; ASTM-C ; ASTM-C( ) ; ASTM-C(). Title, Standard test method for.

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ASTM C Mortar Flexural – Free Download PDF

A superscript supersc ript epsilon e indicates an editorial change since the last revision or reapproval. This standard has been approved for use by agencies of the Department of Defense. Sco Scope pe 1. These materials include mortars, brick astmm tile grouts, structural grouts, machinery grouts, monolithic surfacings 60 mils or greaterand polymer concretes.

These materials shall be based on resin, silicate, silica, or sulfur binders. Method B covers the testing procedure generally used for systems containing aggregate from 0.

ASTM C580 Mortar Flexural

Method C is used for systems containing aggregate larger than 0. Within this text, the SI units shown in parentheses are provided for information only. No attempt has been made to incorporate into this test method all the var variou iouss fac factor torss tha thatt may af affec astk the per perfor forman mance ce of a material when subjected to actual service.

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Equipment nt for Mixi Mixing ng Mate Material rialsssh ast.

The base plate from another similar bar mold has aatm found to be acceptable. Current edition approved Oct. Originally published publi shed as C — 65T. Last previous edition C — The bar length shall be at least three times the beam depth plus 2 in. Record the actual temperature. Refer to Practice C Fill the molds one-half full.

Remove any entrapped air by using a cutting and stabbing motion with a spatula or rounded-end rod. Fill the remainder of the mold, working down into the previously placed portion.

ASTM C580 Flexural Modulus Elasticity Mortar Grout Polymer Concretes Test Equipment

Permit the material to remain in the mold until it has set sufficiently to allow removal without danger of deformation or breakage. After removal from the molds, acid-treat the specimens, if required, in accordance with the recommendations given by the manufacturer. No other treatment shall be permitted. Record the method of treatment in the report section under Conditioning Procedure. Cover the bolt hole in the mold end piece with 1 in.


The mixer speed should be controlled so that it is sufficient to lift the aggregate without beating air into the melt. Additional specimens may be required to establish the cross head speed in 9. The time between casting the specimens and testing the specimens shall be at least 24 h.


It is calculated by drawing a tangent line to the steepest initial portion of the load-deformation curve and calculating as follows: It shall be expressed in psi GPa. It shall be calculated as follows: Center the beam over the specimen supports. It is calculated as aetm Precision and Bias 2 For the calculation shown in 9.

ASTM C Flexural Modulus Elasticity Mortar Grout Polymer Concretes Test Equipment

The tangent modulus of elasticity can be determined by dividing the stress at any point along the line BD or its extension by the strain at the same point measured from point X1. This is extended to intersect the strain axis at point B. Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Size px x x x x We need your help!