Sur le site Eduscol Les attestations scolaires de sécurité routière (ASSR), pour les élèves des collèges en télécharger les épreuves sur Préparation à l’ASSR et au BSR en collège. Eduscol Tests Code Tests Réviser l’ASSR Permis Ecole Tests Clg Doisneau Code de la Route Facile – te. 30 oct. ONISEP · Parcours Sup · Campus France · Journal l’Etudiant · Journal Phosphore · ASSR · EDUSCOL · Nos partenaires · Nous contacter.

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All parents parents 1 and 2 are sent the access codes by e-mail at the start of the school year.

Parents who have not received their access codes must log on to their Family Space and check and update their contact details postal address, e-mail addresses for parents 1 and 2, etc Then, you can send an e-mail to pronote lyceefrancais.

All pupils from Reception to Sixth Form take English lessons. From Year 7 onwards, they must also choose a second language among German, Spanish, Italian or Russian. For further information, read the Modern Languages Project. School meals are voluntary for secondary school pupils.

Éducation à la sécurité routière

The choice is applicable for the entire school year and cannot be changed during the year. If you opt for school meals, your child will be accepted in the school restaurant even if they have special dietary needs.


To do this, parents must asst the school medical centre and provide a medical certificate. For further information, consult the school medical centre section on this website our services.

In case of a lost or damaged school restaurant card, pupils must report the instance to their School Life – Pastoral Care Office and fill in a form to get a temporary one-week card. The pupil will have to return to School Life – Pastoral Care Office one week after the request at the latest to edudcol the new card.

For pupils in Years 7 to 10, parents can sign an authorisation in the contact book at the start rduscol the year. This way, if the teacher for the last lessons of the school day is absent, and the pupil is authorised to leave school, they can.

If the pupil has not been authorised, they must remain in School Life – Pastoral Care Office until their usual release time.

If parents wish their child to leave school early exceptionally they must come and collect them and sign a disclaimer. A pupil who has been absent must return to school with the pink slip in their contact book filled in and signed by their parents eduwcol must submit the contact book to School Life – Pastoral Care Office before their first lesson.


The school will not tolerate repeated and unjustified absences.

L’Éducation à la sécurité routière (ESR) –

Most secondary school teachers communicate with families edudcol e-mail. There are various clubs that are run by teachers: These clubs offer many extracurricular activities. Within the framework of the road accident prevention programme, all Year 8 and Year 10 pupils must take the exams of the Road Safety School Certificate. It is a Road Safety School Certificate which pupils undertake as part sssr a campaign for the prevention of road accidents and for road safety awareness.

It is an important prerequisite for driving a motor vehicle and it is mandatory in a school environment.

ASSR BSR- Symbaloo webmix

It comprises 2 levels:. It must then be completed with a minimum 5 hours of riding lessons given by an approved organisation or motorbike riding school, in order to result in the awarding of a road safety certificate. To help pupils prepare for it, there are many internet links. Directeur Administratif et Financier: Universities and Colleges Admission Services. Formulaire de recherche Rechercher. Facebook Instagram Linkedin Twitter Youtube. It comprises 2 levels: