Ashwini mudra is contraction and relaxation of anus part which strengthens pelvic muscles. Ashwini Mudra – The word ashwini means ‘horse’ in Sanskrit. Ashwini Mudra involves the contraction and relaxation of the buttock muscles. Ashwini Mudra is done by contracting the anal sphincter muscles in a rhythmic manner. It is observed that horses are adept in doing this. Ashwini Mudracomes.

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This contraction is just the same when you try to hold back the urge to urinate. This mudra can help you get rid of xshwini constipation without any side effect.

How to perform the Thunderbolt psychic attitude: Regular practice of this Mudra exercises and strengthens the muscles of entire pelvic region. Repeat the practice for as long as possible.

Ashwini Mudra – Horse Gesture

The thyroid gland is improved due to the increase oxygen and blood as well as by reducing excess emotional and mental stress which mucra the thyroid. Its food is grass and water. E-mail – yoga yogapoint.

Due to the increased blood flow to the head the mind is tranquilized, stress and psychological disturbances mudrw removed. SeventhWhile doing Ashwini mudra, you should know that contraction as well as relaxation should perform rhythmically and smoothly and at the same time it should be more rapid.

Contraction and relaxation should be performed rhythmically and smoothly.

It makes your body more resistant to diseases or ailments. The mudra strengthens the muscles of the uterus. The mudra is very useful in rectum and anus related ailments like piles and prolapse of the rectum and uterus. Vajroli mudra strongly ashwoni Vajra Nadi which is the psychic channel responsible for nourishing the reproductive organs with prana or vital energy.


Ashwini Mudra – Horse Gesture

In return, it has tremendous power for work. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Best astrology consultant in Coimbatore Kalpana Srikaanth. Your email address will not be published.

While inhaling raise the back and the legs up into a vertical position, placing the hands on the upper back for support. The testes in men and the labia in women shift upward slightly when you do the contraction.

Ashwini Mudra

Precaution While Doing Ashwini Mudra Avoid this asana if you have had any abdominal surgery, or if you have high blood pressure, glaucoma, or pain in the wrists or elbows. Horse Gesture Sanskrit name: The vajroli mudra becomes more important after years of practice at which it becomes pivotal to enlightenment.

You can do this up umdra times. SunithaSriekumaar August 20, at It helps the mother cope with the weight of the child during pregnancy and eases childbirth ahwini virtue of the fact that the mother is perfectly trained in relaxing the muscles of pelvic region.

Due to the effect this asana has on the hormonal system, particularly the thyroid, it balances the circulatory, digestive, reproductive and nervous system. It tones up the pelvic muscles, the reproductive and digestive organs and improves sexual health. What are the four Vedas? Sign In to earn Badges. Exhaling slowly lower both legs back to the supine position.

Try to mudr the action to the anal area. It releases the normal gravitational pressure from the anus muscles which helps with haemorrhoids. When yogi will be reach in a comfortable position physically and mentally by above practicing asnwini, he will contract the sphincter muscles of the anus with anter kumbhaka internal breath retention. Ashwini Mudra horse azhwini The health benefits of ashwini mudra: This Mudra has positive effects on the empty spaces in the stomach and improves functioning of these parts.


SecondClose your eyes and relax the body.

Avoid this asana after any abdominal surgery, or if you have high BP, glaucoma, or pain in the wrists or elbows. Panchrathna Gems July 10, at Take a sniff of air and ashwibi through the nose as you release the tension.

The practice is called so because the anal contraction resembles the movement a horse makes with its sphincter immediately after evacuation of the bowels. Ashwini mudra is a very helpful mudra for those who practice Brahmacharya. Sit on your heel or on a rolled up towel or tennis ball so pressure is felt on Muladhara Chakra which is situated between genitals and anus.

Try and rest the chin against the chest. Ashwini mudra prevents escape of the pranic energy and redirects it inward which assists physical and mental progress in an individual. This New Year, remember your promise. Exhaling bend in the waist and slowly ashwiin the legs over the head. The nerves passing through the neck are toned and the neck flexibility is increased.