AS/NZS A1 Structural steel welding – Part 1: Welding of steel structures: Amendment 1. Correction amendment declared by Standards Australia to. AS/NZS Structural steel welding Part 1: Welding of steel structures; AS/NZS Structural steel welding Part 3: Welding. This Standard specifies requirements for the welding of steel structures made up of combinations of steel plate, sheet or sections, including hollow sections and.

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Any recommendations of the manufacturer, covering protection during storage and use, conditioning and pretreatment of electrodes or filler wires prior to use, shall be followed. See Appendix G for guidance on the relationship between these steels and material group numbers utilized in other Standards.

The permissible service temperatures listed in Table B1 shall be subject to the limitations and modifications specified in Paragraphs B4. Where the structure is not subject to statutory jurisdiction, the principal is deemed to be the inspecting authority.

Provided that the fabricator has included sufficient information to correctly identify the trade name and previous classification of consumables used to qualify their weld procedures, the procedure tests do not need to be repeated with the adoption of the ISO based classification system.

AS/NZS – Standards Australia

Where the mechanical properties of the transverse butt tensile test meet the minimum requirements shown in Table 4.

Where flux is re-used, flux-recycling systems shall include suitable sieves and magnetic particle separators and shall be such that the flux remains in a satisfactory condition for re-use. If matching or over-matching strength is required, consumables prequalified for steel type 8C are prequalified for use on steel type 7A, 7B and 7C.


The holding of one of the following shall be accepted as evidence of these qualifications: The following are represented on Committee WD This is largely due to the ISO based classifications for most processes adopting similar strength, impact resistance and hydrogen control designations.


Welding positions shall comply with AS see also Table 4. Changes affecting impact resistance designation should also be carefully considered with the former and new rating indicated in the records where there is a variance. Reissued incorporating Amendment No.

Standards Catalogue

Any segment of intermittent fillet weld shall have an effective length of not less than 40 mm. Flame cutting if steels Technical Note 6: Unless it can be proved otherwise for the remainder of the test plate e. Typical flattened circular hollow section joints are shown in Figure 4.

See Appendix D, Item k.

The appropriate steel type, suitable for the design service temperature and material thickness, shall be selected in accordance with Paragraphs B4. A stductures procedure specification shall be developed from the PQR, based on the limits of the essential variables of Clause 4. For existing welding procedure specification WPSa similar notation should also be made on these.

However, where it can be demonstrated, by the use of fracture mechanics or other suitable methods of assessment, that the defects will not be injurious to the performance of the structure, such defects do not need to be repaired or rewelded; provided that, for any such defect, such methods of assessment are acceptable to both the principal and the fabricator [see Paragraph B5, Appendix B and Appendix D, Item v ].

Welding positions are defined in AS Where non-complying welds are detected during a spot examination, two additional spots, each of the same length as the original spot, should be examined.

The Licensee isLearn grantedabout a non-exclusive and non-assignable Licence to use the Product. Local strain due to weld distortion should be disregarded.

Where imperfections in excess of the limits in Table 6. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Provided each preparation complies with the requirements of Table E2, Appendix E, for double-V, double-bevel, double-U or double-J welds, preparations of unequal depth shall be deemed prequalified also.


Prior to and during welding, the inspector shall inspect the set-up of the work and ensure that— a welds are in accordance with the drawings; b the welding is carried out on the specified material with suitable equipment; c correct procedures are maintained; and d the work is performed in accordance with the requirements of this Standard.

AS/NZS 1554.1:2014 A1 Structural steel welding – Part 1: Welding of steel structures: Amendment 1

Licence means the right to access and use the Product. Where routine testing reveals imperfections requiring further consideration in accordance with Section 6, If 6.

In most cases extending the procedure qualification will be particularly if both the trade name and classification of the welding known.

Materials, fabrication and construction Welding consumables—Rods, wires and deposits for tungsten inert gas welding of non-alloy and fine-grain steels—Classification Qualification testing of welders—Fusion welding Part 1: The size of a complete penetration T-joint or strkctures joint butt weld shall be the thickness of the part that butts against the strucgures of the other part. The ends of the slot shall be semicircular or shall have the corners rounded to a radius of not less than the wflding of the part containing it, except for those ends that extend to the edge of the part.

For more frequent listings or notification of revisions, amendments and withdrawals, Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand offer a number of update options.

Flux fused in the welding process shall not be re-used.