LIEUTENANT GUSTL. “Lieutenant Gustl” from Plays and Stories, by Arthur Schnitzler Copyright by . Supposed to be a lieutenant in the reserve as well!. Lecture Notes: Schnitzler, Lieutenant Gustl. I. Background –Arthur Schnitzler ( ); a contemporary of Freud’s (6 years younger than Freud); lived in. Readers of Arthur Schnitzler’s novella Lieutenant Gustl may, upon first encountering the text, feel somewhat overwhelmed by a seemingly.

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She’ll be angry that Lrutnant didn’t write to tell her. The editor points out that the draft was revised repeatedly between its completion in July and its publication in December.

But I can’t look through all that scrawl.

Two hours ago someone called me a fathead and wanted to break my sword. But I can’t do it, I’m no longer qualified for dueling. It must be after midnight. There are differences in the length of narrative pauses between the original draft and the early printed editions.

File:Arthur Schnitzler Lieutenant Gustl ().jpg – Wikimedia Commons

It is a kind of confession, but one that never extends beyond the individual character himself. Are there any I should burn? Should he seek out the baker and confront him? Even if the whole battalion turns out, even if the whole garrison turns out, and they fire twenty salutes, it still won’t wake me up!


Oh no, I don’t dare do that. But, in fact, Gustl has a reaction opposite to what the reader would expect in this situation. And Bauct, poor fellow, got an inflammation of the brain and died three days later.

That was a bit rough.

Lieutenant Gustl by Arthur Schnitzler

Yes, it would be fine to go to sleep now. Yes, I’ll applaud along with the rest of them. Funny, the way I keep on dunking the roll-the roll Habetswallner baked for me!

It ought to be over by now. He seemed rather convinced that every girl he even looked at and there were many was fancying him, it made me feel as though he thought leutnsnt all very simple.

Since when haven’t I eaten? Maybe scbnitzler because I went to church. And this afternoon at four. Just wait, my boy, I’m in wonderful form.

File:Arthur Schnitzler Lieutenant Gustl (1901).jpg

Built on ghstl Johns Hopkins University Campus. I’m hungry-Lord, I’m hungry-No wonder. Then again I’m not an officer in the k. From its very first scene to its climax at the end, the text is replete with irony. There’s an idea-I’ll follow her! The only thing he could have added was that they had expelled me from college, and for that reason I had to go into military service.

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schbitzler Well this is a surprise. I’d like to go to church. I should have given my ticket to Benedek. I was in there, too, last summer at the time our band gave a concert. The novella relates the internal conflict of an officer, who is insulted when he collects his coat after a concert. No, no one could have heard it. Het verhaal zelf is best aardig, maar interessanter is wat mij betreft het beeld van de militarisering van de Oostenrijkse samenleving, de eercultuur en de vreemde, ietwat ziekelijke verhoudingen en gedragingen die daaruit voortkomen.