Aloka Co., Ltd., announced today its new ProSound Alpha 6, the next generation of compact color ultrasound systems. The ProSound Alpha 6 multi-purpose. high-end platforms, designed for hospitals. All of these benefit from our technological thought leadership. ProSound F75 Premier/CV. F F ProSound 6. The ProSound Alpha6 is powerful and versatile, yet compact and friendly. The system is packed with functions which are useful and easy to use. This system.

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Alpha 6 is multi-purpose and provides high performance. It incorporates the benefits of the high end ProSound Alpha series and building on the ProSound technology strengths, it offers superior performance in one compact, easy-to-use, economic and environmental system.

Alpha 6 addresses a variety of diagnostic applications in one system, a marked difference to alokx ultrasound systems.

The high power processor allows a number of different imaging modes previously seen only in high end systems, without compromise on image quality and colour Doppler sensitivity. The compact, ergonomic design of the Alpha 6 features a large, programmable touch screen panel for quick access to frequently used controls.

A height adjustable operation panel and swivel LCD monitor provides ease of use to the examiner. Its small footprint and light weight offers a high level of mobility. With reduced power consumption, the Alpha 6 is also designed to be economical and environment-friendly. More stability and durability. High Performance in gray scale image. Free Angular M-mode with 3 cursors at a time.

Wide variety of transducers available in a single machine. The machine is ready to be upgraded to many application platform like intra-operative, Laparoscopic, Endoscopic, 4D, E-Tracking, Brachytherapy, etc.

High definition Blood Flow Imaging. lrosound

ProSound Platforms

Unidirectional flow with more sensitivity. Extended Field of View. Additional field of view with Linear Probe. Spatio Temporal Image Co-relation. Extended Pure Harmonic Detection. Dynamic Slow motion display. High Pulse Repetition Frequency. Real Time Doppler Auto Trace. Frame Rate up function. Direct pen drive attachment. Direct attachment of conventional computer printer. Auto Angle correction of the Doppler. Automated Segmental Motion Analysis. Processing available after freeze of image.

Presets of the machine parameters alphq users.

High end monitor can be swiveled horizontally and tilted vertically. The height of the operational panel can be adjusted from 75 cm to cm height.

It is IEC Ed: Has bagged the best international design award for its innovative design and performance by International Forum iF. The M-mode cursor can be rotated in degrees.

User can get more detailed functional activity of the heart in a single study. Large variety of transducers available for specialized and dedicated applications. More usability of the machine and more value for the money spent. This gives high performance with less after sales expense with very less down time. The ready to be upgraded platform provides more flexibility to the customer and there is no need to change the machine for the needed up gradation.


Touch Panel available for ease of operations and to increase patient throughput. This enables the optimum usage of all the features in the machine increasing the diagnostic strength. SCI reduces the speckles from the image and reduces the angle dependent artifacts. AIP reduces the speckles while maintaining the clear boundary of the tissue. Blood flow information’s can be displayed with higher sensitivity and resolution.

Tissue Harmonics helps in eliminating the echoes arising from the main transmitted beam. It is used to get the 3 dimensional realistic images of the organs using conventional probes.

It is a technique to get live 3D imaging using Electro-mechanical probe. MSI helps in transforming 3D volume data from regular ultrasound scan into series of sequential images captured in intervals. MPR is a post processing technique to reformat 3D data set at any angle i.

This is a tool to get the desired image with planer information. STIC is a software technique to evaluate the fetal heart for the congenital heart defects.

Aloka – ProSound Alpha 6 Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

BbH provides more detailed image information and much higher penetration in deeper areas. ExPHD mode is used to clearly detect the microbubbles signal when injected to patient body. This is an one touch switch which optimizes the brightness of B mode without any other intervention. It allows the user to get displayed the 4 B-mode images in a single screen facilitating in many of the diagnostic studies. It is the simultaneous display of B mode with flow and Doppler at the same time.

It is the simultaneous display of Prosouns and B-mode with flow. DSD allows the user to get real time image and a slow motion image side by side. CW is a technique to measure high velocity blood flows as in the case on heart valve stenos.

PW is a conventional technique to study Doppler with more accurate depth information’s. HPRF allows the user to study higher velocities without aliasing. Steering allows the continuous steering of the Linear gray scale images to right or left so that the optimal image posound can be obtained. To facilitate the user for conventional typing. This feature enables the user alphs get automatic trace of the Doppler alooka. This function enables to increase the frame rate of the image for better visualization of the flow or moving parts.

To save the images and reports for alokx use or printing. The conventional printer can be installed to get the direct printouts of the images and the reports directly from the machine. This provides a fast printing solution with good quality images at low cost. This function enables the machine to perform automatic calculation of Nuchal Translucency of the new born baby. This function enables the machine to perform automatic calculation of Intima-media thickness of the innermost two walls of an artery.


This feature automatically aligns the sample volume to compensate the transducer direction to the direction of the blood flow. This feature is used to measure the velocity of the heart muscle myocardium.

This feature is used to measure the Starin and the Strain Rate in echocardiography. KI can automatically detect the boundary between cardiac cavity and the endocardium based on the brightness information. ASMA can automatically detect the boundary between the cardiac cavity and the endocardium to calculate the area of the cavity in each frame, enabling the quantification of endocardial segmental motion.

This technique is used to study the stiffness of the vessels. FMD helps to continuously record and plot the vessel diameter of the whole process from baseline through occlusion and vasodilatations. Wave intensity is the new indicator of blood flow which is expected to help pave the way for analysis of the interference between the heart and the arterial system.

It is an Imaging technique to study the condition of the heart giving strain to the heart muscles through treadmill of medicine like dobutamine. This technique is useful for studies like Breast imaging, where we can get better images by adjusting the sound velocity of the ultrasound. IP select is a programming of the image parameters like Contrast, Frame co-relation, View gamma in 8 steps so that the user can get the desired image by a single knob. We can adjust the gain, contrast, chroma colour, view gamma, image direction, image rotation, processing slopes of B-mode image.

Endo-cavity probes with degree field of view. Endo-cavity probe with end aperture of 9mm radius. Grid for prostate gland Brachytherapy is available. Can shift slpha line, sweep speed, spectrum invert, angle correction, chroma, contrast in Doppler mode after freeze.

Can take measurements and annotations in B mode, and M mode even after freeze. Can change contrast, gain, measurement, and annotations in M mode after freeze. Data management system for Image and patient data available with standard report formats inbuilt in the machine. Frequently used functions can be assigned to numerous keys available in the machine. High image quality due to the transmission through optimum waveform. It stores the current live examination in the loop form, i. ECG Time phase display is possible to be reviewed in cine mode.

Smooth examinations can be performed with pre registered protocol. A message appears if the user attempts to end the examination without completing the protocol. ECG synchronized display is available for cardiology imaging. It is used to display vasculature of fine blood vessels by accumulating the contrast echo information. The machine is very easy to use. The machine can be installed in a very small place.