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Table of contents Limitation Of Warranty Table Of Contents Instrument And Manual Identification Principles Of Operation Overall Block Diagram Description Ac Input Circuits Gpib Board figure Output Boards Interface Front Panel Interface Bias Supply And Start Up Secondary Interface Circuits Power Mesh And Control Circuits Typical Output Range Characteristics Test Equipment Required Operation Verification Tests Constant Voltage cv Tests Constant Current cc Tests Output Drift Tests Temperature Coefficient tc Tests Negative Current Limit -cc Readback Tc Removal And Replacement Top Cover Removal Gpib Board Removal Watt Output Board Removal Replacing The Power Module U u Front Panel Removal Chassis Mounted Components Power-on Self Test Connector P Jumper Positions Error Codes And Messages Post Repair Calibration Setting The Model Number model Command Signature Analysis Testing Test Setup For S.


Output Board Troubleshooting Procedures Troubleshooting Analog Multiplexer U And Power Module Signal Miscellaneous Trouble Symptoms And Remedies How To Order Parts Federal Manufacturer Codes Gpib Board Parts List Output Board Parts List Power Distribution Schematic Gpib Board, Component Location Gpib Board, Schematic Diagram Table of contents Operating Manual Limitation Of Warranty Declaration Of Conformity Location And Cooling Input Power Requirements Line Voltage Conversion Gp-ib Interface Connector Front Panel Controls And Indicators Turning On Your Supply Normal Self Test Indications Self Test Errors Introduction To Remote Operation Reading The Gp-ib Address Changing The Gp-ib Address Sending A Remote Command Getting Data From The Supply Often Used Commands Output Connections And Operating Information Connecting The Load Wire Size Selection Positive And Negative Voltages Remote Voltage Sensing Remote Sense Connections Output Noise Considerations Open Sense Leads Overvoltage Trigger Connections External Trigger Circuit Power Supply Protection Considerations Capacitive Load Limitation Specifications For Parallel Operation Specifications For Series Operation Gp-ib Address Selection Power-on Service Request pon Order Of Execution Power Supply Commands Multiple Output Storage And Recall The Clear Command Service Request Generation Local Control Of Output Functions Setting Overvoltage Protection Resetting Overvoltage Protection Resetting Overcurrent Protection Setting The Reprogramming Delay Local Control Of System Functions Setting The Supply’s Gp-ib Address Displaying Error Messages Test Equipment And Setup Required General Calibration Procedure Voltage And Current Programming Voltage And Current Readback Programming Power Supply Registers Service Request And Serial Poll Stored Operating States Programming Outputs Connected In Parallel