View and Download Agilent Technologies A user manual online. 6 1/2 Digit Multimeter. A Multimeter pdf manual download. Also for: a. View and Download Agilent Technologies A service manual online. 6 ½ Digit Multimeter. A Multimeter pdf manual download. Also for: a. Agilent A/11A Command Quick Reference. Syntax Conventions. Braces ({ }) enclose the parameter choices for a given command string. The braces are.

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II installations for line volt- uct.

Return the product to an Agilent Tech- nologies Sales and Service Office for service terminals before servicing. Only ages up to VAC. The current input other devices that plug into a branch outlet “I” 43410a has a Protection Limit of 3A or socket. DC and AC true-rms. This switch is not intended as an active multiplexer. Switching while high voltages or currents are present may cause instrument damage and lead to the risk of electric shock.

For continued protection from fire, replace fuses only with fuses of the specified type and rating. This chapter provides calibration, verification, 43410a adjustment procedures for the multimeter.

Disassembly and Repair This chapter provides guidelines for returning the multimeter to Agilent Technologies for servicing, or for servicing it yourself. The chapter includes disassembly instructions and a list of replaceable parts.

Backdating This chapter describes the differences between this guide and older versions of this guide. Variation in the current source will create some variation in the voltage drop across a diode junction. All other DC current and resistance: Reading settling times are affected by source impedance, cable dielectric characteristics, and input signal changes.

Default delays are selected to give first reading right for most measurements. Measurement Considerations Agilent recommends the use of high—impedance, low—dielectric absorption wire insulation for these measurements.

Frequencies greater than these filter settings are specified with no additional errors. Overload is reported in manual ranging. Settling Considerations Default delays are selected to give first reading right for most measurements. Errors will occur when attempting to measure the frequency or period of an input following a dc offset voltage change.

The input blocking RC time constant must be allowed to fully settle up to 1 sec. Automatically sensed at power—on, Hz defaults to 50Hz.

Specifications Dimensions LA This is a common temperature range for many operating environments. Frequency and Period Measurements: The examples will help you become familiar with your meter, its measuring functions. Verify that you have received the following items 34410w your multimeter. Front-Panel Keys The front panel provides keys to select various functions and operations.

Pressing a measurement function key e. Press to enter the configuration menu for the selected measurement function.


Most basic measurements can be taken using the factory default settings. A more complete description of all multimeter functions, measurement parameter configuration and remote interface operation is provided in Chapter 2. Resistance All 4-wire resistance measurements are made with auto-zero on. To null—out the test lead capacitance: Thermistor or RTD All 4-wire temperature measurements are made with auto-zero manal.

Agilent a Voltage Measurement – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Forward Bias The diode check function is used to indicate correct diode operation; closed—circuit agi,ent forward bias and open—circuit on reverse—bias. The multimeter is shipped from the factory with a power—line fuse installed. The supplied fuse is a mA, Ahilent, slow—blow, 5x20mm fuse, Agilent part number — If you determine that the fuse is faulty, replace it with one of the same size and rating. Then follow these steps: Depress tab 1 and pull fuse holder 2 from Remove line-voltage selector from fuse rear panel.

Agilent Part Number mA, V, slow-blow, 5x20mm Rotate line-voltage selector 34410aa reinstall so Replace fuse holder assembly in rear panel. Instructions and mounting hardware are included with each kit. The kit allows you to mount one or two L instruments side-by-side on a sliding shelf, while occupying one EIA rack unit of space. To Read the Calibration Count You can query the instrument to determine how many calibrations have been performed.

Change the characters by pressing to cycle through all the possible display characters. The full alphabet is available as well as the digits 0 through 9, spaces, and special characters. Before you can adjust the instrument, you must unsecure it by entering the correct security code. The security code is stored in non—volatile memory, and does not change when power has been Press to accept that code, or use the navigation keypad to enter a new code.

Calibration Procedures Agilent Technologies Calibration Services Agilent Technologies offers calibration services at competitive 344100a. When your instrument is due for calibration, ayilent your local Agilent Service Center for recalibration.

It is also downloadable from the Web. See either product page: If the exact instrument is not available, substitute calibration standards of equivalent accuracy. The output value measured from the source can be entered into the instrument as the target calibration value.

Input Connections Agielnt connections to the instrument are best accomplished using an Agilent Technologies B calibration short for low—thermal offset measurements and a B DMM 344410a configured to interface to the calibrator output.

You will need to set the offset for each range of the measuring function being verified.

Agilent Technologies 34410A Service Manual

Verification checks are only performed for those functions and ranges with unique offset calibration constants. Measurements are checked for each function and range as described in the procedure on the next page. Without — math null, add 0. Quick performance verification test points. Provide the input shown in the table below. Provide the resistance value indicated.


Provide the input voltage and frequency indicated. With the slow filter selected, each measurement takes 2. With agilet slow filter selected, each measurement takes 1. Provide the indicated input. Be sure you record the new security code.

Since the value increments by one for each calibration point, a complete calibration may increase the value by many counts. All adjustments can be made using the remote interface. You must use the remote interface for the LA.

The repsonse to this query indicates a succedssful adjustment 0 or a agilet 1. N O TE panel input connectors and one on the rear panel input connectors. Select the front panel input terminals. If using a single shorting block, install the block on the front panel input terminals. Install the shorting block on the input terminals. Its frequency output needs to be calibrated against a more accurate reference. The Agilent A is recommended for this adjustment. Agilejt turn off the instrument during a Flatness Adjustment.

This may cause calibration N O TE memory for the present function to be lost. Each voltage and frequency in the flatness adjustment procedure takes less than 7 seconds N O TE to complete.

Finishing Adjustments 1 Remove all shorting blocks and connections from the instrument. Does the multimeter afilent to respond to input signals? If you have such a service contract and your instrument fails during the covered period, Agilent Technologies will repair or replace it in accordance with the contract. Obtaining Repair Service Worldwide To obtain service for your instrument in—warranty, under service Disassembly maanual Repair Repackaging for Shipment If the unit is to be shipped to Agilent for service or repair, be sure to: Include the model number and full serial number.

The supplied fuse is a 3A, V, fast-acting, 5x20mm fuse, Agilent part number — If you determine that the fuse is faulty, replace it with one of the same size and rating Self Test Procedures AC low frequency correction out of range Calibration variable does not exist Cal: Hold agilejt the key as you turn on the instrument.

Hold the for a little over 5 seconds, until you hear a relay click. When you release key, the instrument begins the keypad janual. Disassembly and Repair 3 Remove the instrument bumpers. Pull from a corner and stretch the bumpers off the instrument. Loosen the two captive screws in the rear bezel and remove the rear bezel. Be careful not to twist or mannual the push rod.