Compre o livro A Reclusive Heart na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados. Heart (Inglês). por R.L. Mathewson (Autor). She sold her company, signed a contract and was determined to live it up. Only problem, she was a bit of a recluse, painfully shy, kind of clumsy and didn’t know . Under the Covers book blog reviews the second in the Hollywood Hearts series, A Reclusive Heart by R.L. Mathewson.

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R.l.matheewson would just cut into my writing time, time with my kids, reading time and my hot cocoa addiction. Jaime was so selfless and geniune- she just needed positive people around her.

Nick isn’t about to bed her but offers to help her with some advise. If anything Jamie will be a source of entertainment for him to watch, until he realizes she is the author he wants to take under his wing. Jamie is a very shy and downtrodden woman. She’s been put down in preference for her older sister all her life and been made to believe that she is ugly and worthless by her family.

Several side stories recluskve be honest.

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She always felt inadequate because her family ignored her Wow this was a story that I absolutely loved!! Dec 29, Ana rated it really liked it Shelves: One Perfect Night Seattle Sullivans 0.

She’s just so darn adorable. Nick made a nice transformation from a complete jerk that was unable rcelusive commit, to a guy that wanted nothing more than to commit to the right woman. And what will happen to their working relationship then?

I wished I could get into paranormal type romance to read the Pyte series, but I just am not there yet Also the heroine writes erotic romance and regardless if she has never had sex, she has never kissed a man, no joke. Jamie w hysterical I seriously have a girl crush on Jamie Ha-ha. My heart also bled for Jamie. The Arrangement 2 The Ferro Family. Seguir comprando Pagar Seguir comprando. Seja o primeiro r.l.mathewsob avaliar este item. Nick freaks out and realizes he has to do something quickly and finds what he needs in the form of a list that Jamie made of things she’d like to do and experience.


However, she’s made a life for herself as an author with a pen name and an online publishing company, even if she rarely leaves her house. Before I tried my hand at writing I was a receptionist, cafeteria worker at the college I attended, museum worker, bellhop, and about a dozen other different things that are pretty embarrassing so we’re just going to skip over those things and pretend that they never happened ;D.

I just finished A Reclusive Heartand I freaking loved it!

There were some bumps here and there with Jamie not fully accepting that she was nothing like what her family always led her to think about herself, but she finally comes to terms with their despicable behavior.

He grew possessive and wanted to protect her. It had everything to make this a really fabulous read including yummy bits!! Nick and Jamie find they have become friends and things proceed slowly as the book tour they’re on progresses. I can’t help myself, this was a big no go for me.

I started to like the b 3. When he finds out he’s just been slamming the author that he really wanted to work reclussive due to a pen name he didn’t realize who he was talking to Nick has to backtrack some but still isn’t very nice.

The biggest hurdle for Jamie now is that although she signed, it didn’t require her to leave the comfort of her home. Nick agreed to help her check items off her list in their free time if she did whatever he orders during their work times. At first she seemed a bit dull in the voice area but as it progressed, the narration seemed to get better.


I think that r.l.matheewson sums up how amazing this heeart is. Nick is an arrogant, womanizer focused solely on advancing his career.

Review: A Reclusive Heart by R.L. Mathewson

She was sugar addict which was supposed to be cute but to me it was childish and annoying -very similar to the Bradfords. Like for instance, Nick called Jamie “the little recluse” in the beginning of the story and the narrator tinges it with an annoyed flavor when Nick thinks it in the beginning.

These romances are so awesome, I get sucked in every time headt can’t seem to put the book down. The only thing disappointing was Jamie’s so called family did r.k.mathewson get paid for what they did to Jamie.

A Reclusive Heart (Hollywood Hearts, #2) by R.L. Mathewson

In order to get her to do what he wants he decides to help her in her little quest for a life and ends up with more than he bargained for. Apr 13, Nikki rated it it was amazing Shelves: While their relationship is developing they do have a few issues to deal with, like her family being totally horrible excuses for human beings and someone sending her death threats. And yes thats putting it nicely.

The heroine alone makes me go WTF? But I recluzive adore Mathewson’s stories. Comece a ler A Reclusive Heart no seu Kindle em menos de um minuto. That part alone urged me to give this book a 5 star rating.