Praise. “Jason Fried and David Hansson follow their own advice in Rework, laying bare the surprising philosophies at the core of 37signals’ success and. we created our own: Basecamp. When we showed the online tool to clients and colleagues, they all said the same thing: “We need this for our business too. Week 7 of our 10 week eBook we are showcasing Rework by Jason Fried are two of the founders of the very successful 37signals company.

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Rework is now available!

Check out a few sample chapters, original artwork, and reviews on the Rework book site. Today we can officially unveil the cover for our next book, Rework. You 37signxls now pre-order from the retailers shown below by clicking on the appropriate button….

Simple, bold, and memorable. Hats off to the designers at Crown our publisher who indulged us, put up with us, and, in the end, crafted a beautiful design.

Everything we know about business is in Rework. Subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on Twitter for news, updates, and the latest announcements related to 37signals and Rework.

Ebopk Jason and David! Regarding the design, one thing that I immediately noticed is how clean the back was. It just reminds me of a friend who recently had the front glass of her clothing boutique designed.

A bar code will go on the back because it has to go on the back. The back cover looks really great, and I love the clean, mostly empty covers. Just curious, will there be a Kindle version of this book? Does the book have to be released hardback first? BTW, for the issue with the bar code on the back cover, maybe a sticker would have been a solution? Yeah, it might be a barcode sticker instead of a direct print.

No option to buy a PDF version? I really hope you guys offer a PDF version in the near future. Seeing the cover design makes me realize Amazon needs a color Kindle to win my business. 37sigbals a 37signaks it would be to only see it in 16 shades of gray.

Assuming there will be a Kindle version. So glad the book has a Title and not a Title: Striking design, looks fantastic. I do wonder about the image on the cover. It might be the low resolution, but it looks so soft that at first glance it looks like a used tissue. Definitely even more excited about this book now. I submitted by pre-order. Pre-order today and help us crack the top ! In the past you made plenty of noise that publishing dead tree books was the way of the past and direct sale PDFs were the future.


What changed your mind?

There are some shared ideas between the books, but Rework was written from scratch. Why did you dump the direct sale PDF distribution? Details on why we went with a traditional publisher this time. I put an order in. What happened to your original title, Unconform?

Book bundles, a conference, a dinner, who knows! The other blog post mentions an ebook format. Can you confirm that? Will there be a PDF version? This is probably the part where you tell me you did.

I know for sure that will be a 37siignals like Maverick, wrote by my Brazilian fellow Ricardo Semler.

Rework: Unveiling the cover

Now he is one of the most influential person in business. Thanks for the well-wishes Fernando. Do you know Ricardo Semler personally? Congratulations guys, I cant wait to read this new book — I read Getting Real online and liked it so much I decided I wanted the print copy.

It would be great if your publisher could offer something like the Beta PDF books that Pragmatic do, that way we could get our hands on it now and receive the real thing when its printed.

The book has had a pretty phenomenal rise through the ranks today, jumping aboutplaces in a matter of hours. As Flo would say, power to the people.

Were you intentionally going for a 3D effect, especially on the back of the book? Just wondering if anyone else sees the 3D. Was that intentional, coincidence, or simply a working quote in a cover mockup? Also, who has written the book? According to Wikipedia only one founder remains. Unfortunately I am not a close friend. But, I am a big fan too and I think that his corporative culture has so much in common with 37Signals. Ricardo Semler is quite unique because he is life-oriented business man opposite to be business-oriented.

Right now, he works 4 hours week. He does not know personally all the CEO of his companies. His home office is called the Castle of Glass surround of forest.


He does not have dinner meetings, only lunches. Because he wants to be early at home to be with his kids. Off-course, he is rich enough to do that. I love how you try to make 37Signals more than it is. Taking advice from Seth Godin is a stupid idea — what has he done in the last 10 years? Trying to stand for something. No wonder you guys are stuck at 15 employees. You have a small-time attitude and so do you employees. Oh wait, no one wants to buy a suite of bullshit apps that can be remade in a few weeks.

Maybe you are a troll indeed, but I find one thing quite amusing. When you know 37signals, their values, what they stand for, how well they teach others and how good their apps are… your comment sounds quite sarcastic: I remember purchasing your last book then finding out a few months later that you were giving it away for free.

Rework: Unveiling the cover – Signal v. Noise

Jason co-founded Basecamp back in Can he do anything on his own? Jason Fried wrote this on Aug 21 There are 87 comments. David Turnbull on 21 Aug Added this to my shopping list on Amazon. Avi Marcus on 21 Aug I look forward to reading it!

Heiko Behrens on 21 Aug Beeing a big fan 37skgnals GettingReal I am looking forward to this book! Robby Russell on 21 Aug Jeff Mackey on 21 Aug Do you guys see mockups with that included? Just curious if book designers take that into consideration while designing. JF on 21 Aug Jamie Stephens on 21 Aug Jay Owen on 21 Aug Just placed a pre-order for my whole team on Amazon.

Looking forward to it. Dan on 21 Aug Matthew Riley MacPherson on 21 Aug JB on 21 Aug Great design, very… Swiss inspired? Congrats, very good start, jb. Anonymous Coward on ehook Aug Pick up a few copies and hang them on your cubical wall? Sven Pedersen on 21 Aug Ryan Heath on 21 Aug