Velká sbírka diagramů – mnohotažek. Brilliant Ways to Checkmate. diagramů s řešením. Publikuje ŠK Řemdih Strmilov. Satis ce. Vavříny vždy unikly . In Reinfeld’s Brilliant Checkmates problem 95, in the queen sac section, can’t White just play. 1. Ng3+ Kh4 (forced). 2. Nf3+ Kg4 (forced). 3. h3#. Fred Reinfeld (—) is said to be the most successful and prolific chess writer of all time, being associated with over one-hundred titles. His books on.

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Review Chess Improvement blog. Thanks for posting the chess puzzles; I really enjoy them.

1001 Brilliant Checkmates #95

Some Arabs said they invented it first. I see them playing chess on the pyramid walls over years ago. I think those pharaohs were Egyptian. Really like these puzzles. Anyway, they could be set up as such? Would it be possible to have a pause button to temporarily stop the loading process into the next puzzle. I know nothing about programming and am sure it shows! Yes is it possible to get a tutorial on how to install the tactics trainer?

I would even be willing to pay for that. Qd1 is much quicker. Qf4 and the given solution is 1. The main goal for this post was to demonstrate the possibility to use this on a WP blog. So, am I supposed to plan everything out before I play the first move? Or do I checmkates it one step at a time? It will often be difficult to play the first move without planning the remaining moves, but you may do what you like.

I have been waiting for a site like this for years. Thanks for the hours and long nights of game play. I love puzzles so much. Extra controls would be nice but I think you did it right the first time.

I checkates this application. However, sometimes it moves on to the next puzzle too quickly for me to assess what all has happened. I think there should be a manual move-on to the next random puzzle. Yes, but then Black will capture your queen. By playing another move you may bfilliant able to win the game. Actually, there is no mate solution to 57 that my shredder app could find.


It is my guess that the original author left out a piece that blocks the black queen from sacrificing herself at B4. Ignore my other message. To me that seems a very strange move for black, the best move for black is Qxh4 taking white Billiant and then all white thread is gone. In diagram 20, the first move is 1.

Ne6 Qxh4 indeed takes the white queen, but will be followed by the mate in one 2. No, Rd8 will be followed by …Bxd8 and white is still able to win the game, but it will take a lot more moves to perform the mate.

Brilliant Checkmates | Chess Adventure

Originally the puzzle is a mate in three exercise. Hi, Thanks, very well done. Using opera version I liked this website very much. But in some puzzles there are better moves. And to blob chess was invented in India. And you can get more info on wikipedia.

Thank you for it! Where do I get this Widget? I really love your labour of love: Brilliant frm the web side as well. I acess them thorough: The problem I have is: Once I solve the checkmstes it immediately disappears. I am not able to go through it again even if I note down the number. It will be really helpful if there is a link or rectangular column at the side to see all the problem numbres so that we can click on it for review. This also means that 3.

Qh8 would be an illegal move.

Could you please send the puzzle to my email address? Well how about for one of many: Knight takes e7 check. Rook takes e7 forced. Bishop takes d5 checkmate. Easier 1001 all that other stuff. Can someone check out Puzzle I see mate in 2, but the solution goes forever and not exactly forcing moves either.


Can someone else look at it. Hope I am not missing anything.

So White is not in check, because the pawns have to move away from this briliant. Please note that the knight that just captured the rook is also able to capture the queen on f2. Unfortunately, to many long time chess players this immediately indicates that the answer is a one move answer.

You could solve this pretty easily I would think. I think this is one of the most important info for me. Checkmatss i am glad reading your article. But wanna remark on few general things, The web site style is ideal, the articles is really excellent D.

Good job, cheers bekeffeecgba. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Below you can find Brilliant Checkmates as a kind of exercise. You can make the moves by dragging and dropping a piece. As soon as you have solved a problem the next problem will be loaded. It seems to work in the most recent versions. Please upgrade your browser.

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1001 Brilliant Checkmates

Review Chess Improvement blog Bindi Papadum says: February 7, at 4: March 12, at February 24, at 5: July 29, at July 29, at 6: August 7, at 5: August 8, at 6: July 6, at August 7, at 6: August 7, at 8: August 9, at 8: August 23, at 6: August 7, at 4: January 20, at 6: Thanks for the help, Carl.

February 17, at 6: June 15, at 6: June 16, at June 18, at 5: Probably not or something went wrong with the loading of the diagram. June 17, at 1: June 17, chedkmates 7: